Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A GANDER AT MOTHER GOOSE - Fred (Tex) Avery (1940)

A Gander is a male goose or it also means to look or glance at something! "A Gander At Mother Goose" is a 1940 Tex Avery cartoon made as Fred Avery! Are you starting to get the picture?

There are only two types of people in the world, those who get it, and those who don't! People that get it like parody, farce, and double entendre! Those who don't get it are angry because they don't understand what's so damn funny! That's why the Technical Advisor on this cartoon is Mother Goose!

Mother Goose nursery rhymes are just as sordid and violent as the Brother's Grimm tales, so why not make a TV series like "Grimm" based on nursery rhymes instead? Now maybe this has already been done, and I'm just too lazy to research it, but if it hasn't, then I think it's a pretty good idea. and when it happens, I want to get paid for it!

It's all so simple... Mary, Mary has a garden that's creepy contrary! Doesn't take much imagination to see where that episode is going!

The case of Humpty Dumpty! He falls down and is okay, but only the shell on his ass gets broken! For being 1940, there's a lot of butt humor in this cartoon!

There's depraved sex maniac Jack who doesn't want to fetch water any more, but just wants to make out with Jill all day instead!

This Muffet gal is a lot scarier than the spider who sat down beside her!
These episodes would write themselves!

This wolf has a bad case of Hilarious-Histerine-Halotosis!
Just like "GRIMM," set the location as Portland to make it more realistic!

 Jack Be Nimble supplies more ass humor, and there was also another scene where an eagle got shot with an arrow in the butt!

The old lady who lives in the shoe and has so many children she doesn't know what to do is also an episode that would write itself!

I didn't really get a chance to send out any Christmas cards this year, so to all ya'll,.......
a good night!

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