Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL In Color / William Castle - 1959

Herro everbloody, an' welcome to a special edition of Wednesday Oldie Theater Flicktime! In keeping with this week's "Mr. Gimmick" theme, we gots probably the most famous William Castle flick, but this time in living... err... dying color, that all-time favorite, ta da, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL!! Vinnie starts the show off with his creepy sermon.

Our music maestro for tonight is Mr. Von Dexter, who only had a total of 10 composing credits, but includes THE TINGLER, 13 GHOSTS and MR. SARDONICUS. Not too bad!

Okay, here is Tabonga' pet news... Little pet 'Piff' the Gnat say he want to go by his real name, not name Tabonga pick for him. He even bring note from his mom! So, starting today, Piff going to go by the name Rufus! Make a note.

On wif' da show!.. Lil' Rufus ready to push big red 'GO' button and start our eariffic earclip, like... NOW!.. HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL!

An unforgettable cast of characters...

Of course, Vinnie shows up just after the chandelier crashes to the ground, nearly taking out Nora!

Eegah!! favorite line from the flick... "Man kills wife with champagne cork!"

Pritchard takes the gang for a tour of the basement with it's infamous acid pit! He throws a dead rat into it to show the acid hasn't lost any of it's potentcy!!

Nora's ready to hurl as the rat skeleton floats back to the surface.

Then, she looses Lance while exploring a dark room together and runs to tell everyone to come and help. Supposedly, he ran square into the wall?.. Weird!

Top 10 scare of all time!

Don't forget about those groovy little coffin gun holders!

Lance finds the head from the box that Nora found and lost earlier.

Drunk and out of it, Pritchard doesn't trust anybloody!!

Oh, now what?!!

Vinnie blames Pritchard and his ghost pals for his wifey's death.

Back at the ranch, it's heifer wrangling time!

Another classic 'fright' moment!

Nora looks like some kind of Devil Girl From Mars with her flame gun and spaceways headgear!

How could she miss?!

Annabelle, who's still alive, comes looking for her murderous doctor lover, but finds this horror instead.

The skeleton nudges her into the pit of acid. Goodnight, sweet princess!!

Live shows with the gimmick Emerg-O were shown in a few places where a skeleton 'emerges' from the screen and flies over the audience.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

ah, i wish you had mentioned the name of the actress that plays Annabelle, she was also in Spider Baby and is f*cking hot and i don't usually go for blonde milfs, i'm just mad i can't remember her name, oh yeah, Carol Ohmart! OH, MAN!!!...

TABONGA! said...

See, Tabonga not need to mention it when he gots the PG!

Unaminous! said...

Those color screen caps are Killer!!

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