Saturday, March 24, 2018

2019 - DOPO LA CADUTA DI NEW YORK - "2019: After The Fall Of New York" (1983)

 Enough already with the doom and gloom, I think it's time to have some fun, so tonight's Saturday Night Special is a 1983 Italian vision of what we've got in store for us by next year, and it looks like it's going to be a pretty bumpy ride!!

 This prophecy is called "2019 - Dopo La Caduta Di New York" or in English, "2019: After The Fall Of New York!!"

 This New York is filmed primarily in Rome, Italy!

 Look at the kind of high-tech gadgetry we're gonna have by next year!

 So here's w hat I want you to do! Stare at this photo for about five minutes or more, and when you get to the point when you think you understand it, then...........

 .................Look at this shot, and when you figure this one out, you will now understand this movie completely, and with no further difficulty! That's the hero of this whole trip on the left, Michael Sopkiw as Parsifal. Michael is an interesting story, born in Connecticut and before becoming an actor, he was in trouble with the law over marijuana. He did a little time, and when he got out he studied acting. He only has five acting credits, but they're interesting enough to list! After this film, he was in "Blastfighter," "Devil Fish," and "Massacre In Dinosaur Valley" all in the 80's, and then he made one more appearance in 2014 in "Bad Dog And Superhero!"

 Landing in my old stomping grounds, Alaska!

 By next year there are going to be a whole lot more rats in the world, but it's actually a good thing, because it will give the geeks and freaks something to eats!

Tag, you're it, and it's one less Rat Eater in the world! Hal Yamanouchi has been working steadily in strange and odd films since 1977, and is still working today with films in both Pre and Post-Production!!

 Picasso's anti-war mural "Guernica" is a perfect backdrop for a future militaristic society gone mad!

 You have to give the makers of this movie credit, because they tried real hard!

 This is a sonic disruptor that makes a noise so high-pitched and annoying you will bleed from the ears until you die a slow and painful death!

Yep, those are teeth all right!

From the looks of this trio, it's pretty obvious to me, that's there's going to be a lot of changes in the next year. After the grand inquisition and impeachment, this just might be the next President and his top aides! That's 6' 9" Luigi Montefiori aka George Eastman in the middle as Big Ape! He might not look that sharp, but not only does George have 60 acting credits, he's also a proficient writer with 44 writing credits under that big old belt of his!

 Appealing to both sexes, this movie has hot model Valentine Monnier as the gal on the run called Giara! Besides being in this movie, she was also in "Devil Fish" the following year.

 If Valentine looks familiar and you lived through the 70's, this album cover by Chic might clue you in!

 A Super Model before Super Models were a thing, Valentine graced the cover of this issue of Cosmo in 1977!

 And for the ladies, this film is chock full of insanely intelligent and handsome dudes!! 

The foundation of the story is that there's only one fertile woman left in the world, and right now she's in suspended animation. Everybody wants her, but Big Ape is the one who wants to wake her up the most, because he's got a big ego, and doesn't care about anyone else, and wants his bloodline to be the future of humanity because he's so smart and good looking!

This just might be one of them 'Maser Rays!'

Laser, Maser, whatever it was, it did a number on Big Ape!

This is actually a pretty cool shot that vaguely reminds me of Ballantine 1960's Sci-Fi paperbacks!

Forgive me, but I just had to turn this last shot into a postcard.


KD said...

That last "postcard" pic is pretty darn accurate, especially if you venture into the AZ desert and look around a little...add to that blown-out car some random furniture, a rusty 'fridge, a mattress or two, and a few old tires.

zillagord said...

This looks incredible. How on earth did I miss this?

EEGAH!! said...

It is probably banned in Portland!

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