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Today we check out the horror and sci-fi movies of John Carradine in the forties. Prior to that, John had smaller parts in THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE BLACK CAT, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. All we can say here at The Dungeon is, we love John to pieces with his amazing 351 acting credits and all...

First up is the horror comedy, WHISPERING GHOSTS, from 1942, starring good old Milton Berle! The story's about an actor who plays a detective on a radio show and his sidekick try to solve a murder that had been committed a few years earlier.

In 1943, John stars in CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN along with Acquanetta in a story about a mad scientist doing experimentation in glandular research (shades of THE UNEARTHLY) and becomes obsessed with transforming a female gorilla into a human!..

Also in 1943, John is back in REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES, this time, a man and his hired detective arrive at an old mansion in the middle of a Louisiana swamp to meet his brother-in-law, John as Dr. Max von Altermann, a Nazi who has been creating zombies for the armies of the Third Reich!

Then, in 1944, John stars in a pile of movies, the first being VOODOO MAN, which also stars Bela Lugosi. Dr. Richard Marlowe (Bela) uses a combination of voodoo rites and hypnotic suggestion, attempting to revive his long-dead wife by transferring the life essences of several young girls he has kidnapped and imprisoned in his Dungeon!!

Jon (MONSTER FROM THE SURF) Hall heads up the cast in THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE from 1944. In this story, an eccentric scientist helps a fugitive become invisible, unwittingly giving him the power to exact revenge on his former friends!

Again in 1944, John stars along with Lon Chaney, Barton MacLane and George Zucco in THE MUMMY'S GHOST. In this one, an Egyptian priest travels to America in search of the bodies of an Egyptian princess and her living, mummified guardian.

And again in 1944, John is back with Bela and George Zucco in RETURN OF THE APE MAN, a story about an Arctic expedition, two scientists find the frozen body of a prehistoric caveman. They bring the thing back to their laboratory and decide that in order to fully utilize and control him, they must transplant a more developed brain into his skull...

John scores the role of BLUEBEARD in 1944, here, an artist in Paris hires models to pose for him, and after he finishes their portraits, he strangles them!

Then, John stars in his last movie from 1944, HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, ending with a string of six productions from that year, WOW!!.. Here, an evil scientist and his hunchbacked assistant escape from prison and encounter Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster!! It also stars Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, J. Carrol Naish, Anne Gwynne, Lionel Atwill and George Zucco.

John is back in 1945 to stars along with Lon Chaney and Lionel Atwill in HOUSE OF DRACULA. Count Dracula and the Wolf Man seek cures for their afflictions, but, a hunchbacked woman, a mad scientist and Frankenstein's Monster have their own probs...

Last on our list is THE FACE OF MARBLE from 1946. John stars in this story about a doctor who's engrossed in a project to bring the dead back to life, but fails to notice his wife's interest in his young lab partner.

So, there you go, the horror and sci-fi movies of the great John Carradine!! Tune in again on Wednesday when Eegah!! will have more cool junk, here, at The Dungeon!..

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KD said...

The great Carradine! What an awesome actor, in so many films and tv shows from the great to the not-so-great, he always gave his all! Love the guy!

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