Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN - Pierre Martel - "The Halloween Party" (1962)

Stretching the definition of a "Monster Movie" to the outer limits would be to suggest that a film like "House On Bare Mountain" was even remotely close to be a horror, science fiction or monster movie, but, to be sure, this very insipidly stupid film has some really great music in it!

It takes off with a greasy sounding take on "The Green Door" and then goes into some ultra swingin' 60's Vegas strip bar burlesque surf music with some Southern baked chicken pickin' guitar and seemingly endless honkin' sax!

Pierre Martel is given the musical credits. Information on Pierre was hard to come by, he's either a professional wrestler, a banker, or got a liver transplant, but most likely, none of the above! It's possible the only information on the man is when the credits roll by! Music...........Pierre Martel!

These type of movies sure didn't come to our little town when we were kids!! Pretty scary!!

Frankie spikes the punch and that's when all the inhibitions leave and all the tops fly off!

This right here is the scariest part of the movie, oh, and Bob Cresse in the part of Granny Good, that's pretty frightening too!

In this one shot, it really looks like they were slam dancing back in 1962!!

This movie is available on Netflix! They don't have "Forbidden Planet" but they have "House On Bare Mountain!" Go figure!!!! What kind of a world do we live in??

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Greg Goodsell said...

This indeedy played our little town of Bakersfield -- it was at the Edison Drive-in or the Cinema 19. For a far superior riff on the same nudie material, try KISS ME QUICK! (aka DR. BREEDLOVE).

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Monster Music
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