Friday, March 30, 2018

SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE / The Strange People At Pecos - 1955

Here's an episode from the first season of SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE that I remember seeing for some reason, I watched it way back in 1955 on TV, so, on with the show...

Here's host Truman Bradley introducing the episode with a little science related to the story.

Our tale's about a high-strung radar operator (Arthur Franz) who's convinced that UFOs are following the test rockets he monitors at a secret facility in Pecos, New Mexico. His kids' new playmate, an odd little girl who feels no pain, causes him to jump to conclusions... He's sure the girl and her family are spies from outer space!

We begin with this vintage military sign to let you know where you are... You're here! And, keep the Hell OUT!!

Here's Arthur as Jeff Jamison, he's grumpy with his family at home because of some problems at work. He's seeing things on the radar scope that can't be explained, and he's bugged because he thinks they could be UFOs!

His boys are little brats, the oldest makes fun of the new girl on the block because she says that they should try using telekinesis to throw a baseball, which doesn't sit well with them...

In the meantime, Jeff comes home, he's been ordered to take a week off because of his strange behavior at work. He's talking to wifey, when...

A commotion is heard, they go outside and find the girl in the road, she's been hit by a truck while playing ball with the boys!

They take her inside and she's unconscious. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and says that it's time for her to go home, she just gets up and leaves!.. What The Hell?!

Later, we find the girl's dad dictating on a tape recorder. The great Dabbs Greer is Mr. Kern, considered a real thinker of the time, he's contemplating life forms not of this Earth. Unknown to him, Jeff's oldest son is listening in to his musings, and runs home to tell pops!

Then, the Kern family sits around and plays with their helium filled space station that floats around the room! This is actually the part I remember, this cool model space station, I was really into building models even at age 7.

Anyway, the son is constantly spying on the family and telling his dad about it. The best part is at the end where Jeff confronts Mr. Kern with his questions about his strange neighbors. Let's just say, Mr. Kern puts him in his place!! Check in again tomorrow when we'll have more cool stuff for you!..


KD said...

One of the more interesting episodes of SFT, IMHO. And in case anybody missed it, the little girl in the story is actress Beverly Washburn, of SPIDER BABY and STAR TREK fame. Just noticed also, she's in a Don Glut film currently in post-production, with a fascinating cast list, called TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN.

TABONGA! said...

Mr. KD - You never fail us with great info, here, at The Dungeon!

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