Monday, February 11, 2013

TERROR IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE / Howco Productions - 1958

It's Spook Joint Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. This time we gots a redo from a few years back, a little flick with the original title of MY WORLD DIES SCREAMING. The story's about Sheila Wayne, an American-born woman who has lived in Switzerland since childhood. Newly married, she has a recurring nightmare about an ominous old house. She then curiously returns there with her husband Philip, and, it's the house in her dream... Stars Gerald (THE ANGRY RED PLANET) Mohr, sadly, Gerald died suddenly of a heart attack in 1968 at age 54 after completing the pilot for a new TV series.

It was marketed as the first film to use "Psycho-Rama...Using subliminal communication!" The single-frame subliminal image flashes included a devil face, a goggle-eyed face with rat in his mouth, a skull and a cobra head, all made famous in the eighties by the awesome comic artist and illustrator, Drew Friedman!

Eegah!! sent over a great soundclip from the movie, the theme is especially creepy 'n' weird, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the broken guard rail, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's our audio offering for... TERROR IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE!

The movie starts with a look inside the old terror filled house...

And, while cautiously climbing the stairs...

My favorite subliminal image pops up in yer face!! I never saw this one at the theater, but, I do remember some kids recollection after seeing it in 1959.

Sheila has been seeing her shrink, trying to deal with her dreams. Hey, nifty spinning spiral hypno aid!

Sheila's having trouble figuring out who's crazy, her husband Philip or the ground's keeper, Jonah. It seems pretty damn obvious to me!

There's a subliminal message for Sheila this time! If you can watch the movie, check out this scene, watch the figure at the window, it's rigged on a pully and lever and moves in a totally bizarre way, very interesting.

Jonah, in the wildest 'n' weirdest part of the flick, takes a dive over the rail and tumbles to his death on the stairs! Cousin Mark makes his entrance...

Philip takes the bull by the horns, he carries Sheila to THE ROOM and makes her face her fears!

Mark is the real crazy person and gets backed into his own axe!! Goodnight, sweet punk ass!..


Anonymous said...

Nice screen caps! This movie was a bizarre little number, that I don't think would have been of much to interest to anyone if not for the gimmick. PSYCHO-RAMA, indeed.

Still, it's an interesting time capsule.

My review (if you're interested).

A Moose said...

I wore out my VHS tape of this one looking for the subliminals!

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