Saturday, July 1, 2017

THE OUTER LIMITS - "Valerie 23" (1995)

 I never saw any of this version of "The Outer Limits" when it aired on TV in the 1990's, so it's was all new to me, and I didn't really know what to expect when watching this, but I was pleasantly surprised because it's actually pretty good from what I've seen so far!

Some people do Taco Tuesdays, we do Saturday Night Specials, although a fish taco does sound pretty good right about now, and would fit right with in this story!

 I heard on the radio this week that because of new laws, the state of Nevada was going to allow all of the current medicinal marijuana outlets to turn into recreational marijuana stores! Do you know what that means? Las Vegas is now poised to become the cannabis capitol of the western hemisphere! I can just see it, in no time at all there will be pot shops in casinos handing out free samples, and probably even a completely new Cannabis Casino with stoner inspired slot machines with big MJ leaves on them. I wish I knew how to make money off of it, because I guarantee it's going to be a sure bet!!

"Valerie 23" was the second episode of the first season of this new version of "The Outer Limits" that continued on for seven seasons!

 This is the new Garden of Evil, I mean Eden!

After all, we are all just pawns in this game the big shots play, today more so than ever!

 Her name is Valerie! She's programmed to be the prefect woman!
The reason that I spell perfect prefect, is because nothing is perfect in this world, including Valerie!

The woman of your dreams is Valerie 23, and the gal who played her should be equally the woman of your dreams! Valerie 23 was played by Greek goddess and Canadian actress and singer Sofia (The Crow) Shinas! That song, "One Last Kiss" is really quite listenable! Three years later Sofia would be in another "Outer Limits" episode called "Mary 25" where she once again has a role as a robot! Right now she has a total of 13 credits to her name, the last being last year! Very talented gal, do you
 "Get The Message?"

I thought this was just a regular TV show, so I was kinda shocked when Lord Litter told me there was full frontal nudity, but it's quite tastefully done, and Valerie is beautiful!

 It's funny how many things don't look dated, but phones always do! I don't believe that anything has changed as dramatically as phones in the last 141 years!

I've loved Nancy Allen in everything I've ever seen of hers from "Carrie" to "Dressed To Kill" to "Blow Out" to "RoboCop!" She's just too cute! Nancy is still around, but she quit acting in 2008!

Valerie might be a robot, but she's tired of being home alone!

William Sadler is the handicapped guy who should be enjoying Valerie's company! It's kind of ironic that William was in a film called "Off Beat" in 1986, the same title as our public access TV show!
 No, I don't want a cookie!

 Valerie is programmed to cook, clean, and make love! There's only one problem! She's real enough to feel very possessive and jealous! I would have loved to have seen a movie with her and the android "Westworld" version of Yul Brynner as a couple in a sitcom or something! Man, would that have been great?

Valerie freaks out, and turns into super bitch, so they have to deprogram her, but she's smarter than that, and detaches herself and escapes!

Valerie hitches a ride on the top of her unsuspecting boyfriend's car!

Only halfway reassembled, Valerie looks a fright in Nancy Allen's lingerie!

Valerie has the cyber strength of 13 WWE wrasslers, and puts a serious sleeper hold on Nancy!

William manages to finally get Valerie short circuited!

The final scene is just sick!! Poor Valerie, the victim of bad science! What a shame! If he could have just loved her like she was programmed to care for him, there could have been a happy ending, but No.......because this is "The Outer Limits," and that's pretty far out there!


Lacey said...

While it moved to syndicated tv, The "new" Outer Limits started on pay cable, HBO I believe. The sex and nudity were used to replace good scripts and original storylines.
Once it moved to regular channels they dropped the nudity, leaving poor scripts and weak storylines, with no nudity to make up for it.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Lace! Makes prefect sense!

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