Monday, May 15, 2017


 Here's a post I've wanted to do for a long time. As far as I can tell, Morris Ankrum gets the medal for being in the most sci-fi and horror movies in the fifties! Check out this lineup, I've also included the three movies he did in the early sixties. Morris died in 1964 at age 67.

First off, ROCKETSHIP X-M from 1950 was the first sci-fi movie Morris appeared in, he was part of the team on Earth supporting the crew on their ill-fated journey to the Red Planet.

Then, in 1951, Morris stars as the Martian, Ikron, in FLIGHT TO MARS. Those brightly colored suits the Martians wore always tripped me out, what the Hell?!

Morris plays the Secretary of Defense in RED PLANET MARS from 1952. If you haven't seen this strange little flick, check it out when you get the chance.

Morris plays the Army Colonel in INVADERS FROM MARS in 1953, his fourth movie in a row dealing with the deadly red planet. Damn, Mars was a popular subject in the movies of the early fifties!

Then, in 1956, Morris appears as Brig. Gen. Hanley in EARTH vs. THE FLYING SAUCERS, another movie with invaders from Mars. I think Morris was always perfect as a military officer!

In 1957, Morris appears in his first horror movie of the fifties, ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU.

Morris is back to sci-fi in 1957 with KRONOS. He plays Dr. Stern and gets electrocuted big time after discovering the secrets of the possessed Dr. Eliot!

In THE GIANT CLAW from 1957, he plays Lt. Gen. Considine, and helps Jeff Morrow shoot the big old ugly space bird out of the sky!

Also in 1957, Morris appears in Mr. BIG's THE BEGINNING OF THE END as who else, General Hanson. Peter Graves works with him to stop the mutant locusts from taking over the world!

He appeared as Dr. Cleveland in GIANT FROM THE UNKNOWN, also from 1958. He gets to try and solve the mystery of why there's a giant roaming the mountains, killing people!

He then has the part of Police Capt. Hancock in the very fun HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER in 1958! I watched this Herman Cohen classic again over the weekend, a great little movie!

  In CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN from 1958, Morris is the narrator for this little low-budget thriller. Saw this one with my neighbors back in the day.

Morris has the role of President Ulysses S. Grant in FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON in 1958.

He also had the role of Dr. Jordan in the Americanized version of the wild and weird HALF HUMAN in 1958, which also stars Dungeon Hero, John Carradine.

Then, in 1961, Morris has the role of police Capt. Davis in MOST DANGEROUS MAN ALIVE.

In 1962, he appears as The Archbishop in TOWER OF LONDON with Vincent Price.

Our last movie on the list is X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES from 1963, Morris plays the uncredited Mr. Bowhead. Wow, what a monstrous list of great sci-fi and horror movies. My man, Morris Ankrum!!


Unknown said...

He also played a judge on countless episodes of the Raymond Burr Perry Mason series.

Lacey said...

A great Character actor, Morris Ankrum was also a frequent judge in the original Perry Mason show.

TABONGA! said...

Wow, you guys pegged that one - Morris certainly did a ton of TV besides his movies. Thanks for checking in...

Richard S. said...

And in the "Mant" movie scenes in Joe Dante's "Matinee", there's a General Ankrum.....

TC said...

He also played a judge in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946), and he played Admiral Halsey in Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.

He also played supporting parts in a lot of "B" Westerns, including the Hopalong Cassidy series. And he guest starred in a lot of TV Westerns, including Maverick, Cheyenne, and Sugarfoot.

Anonymous said...

One of the best! I loved him in ROCKETSHIP X-M and EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS! Especially that sad but triumphant ending of R X-M!

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