Friday, May 19, 2017


I posted BLACULA earlier this month, so, it's time for SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM! The story goes like this... After a dying Voodoo Queen chooses an adopted apprentice as her successor, her true heir, Willis, is outraged because of the actions.

Seeking revenge, Willis buys the bones of Blacula off of a dealer, and uses voodoo to bring the vampire back to do his bidding. But, Blacula turns him into a vampire, making him his slave!

Blacula is played by William (King of Cartoons on Peewee's Playhouse) Marshall, who obviously has a great sense of humor! Pam (THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE, FOXY BROWN, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES) Grier plays Lisa, the adopted apprentice.

Willis is now Blacula's helper, a reverse of what he thought would happen after raising him from the dead. Check out those super cool threads Willis is wearing!

Here's Blacula visiting an antique shop with Lisa and friends, looking for voodoo related items.

When Blacula needs to get across town quickly, he uses the Batway Express!

It doesn't take long for Blacula and Willis to get a pack of vampires to haunt his mansion!

This pimp learns things the hard way, he's king of the roost until Blacula walks in on him stealing a drink and ordering one of the vampire girls around! Again, cool ass clothes...

Blacula's mansion turns into a fun house of terror with lots of voodoo hoodoo!

Our hero Justin Carter brings in his crossbow with poison arrows to neutralize the vampires. Willis and his ghoulfiend get it good and both go down for the count!

Blacula shows up to even the score. Here, he shoves a cop through the front door glass!

When Blacula gets his hands around Justin's neck, Lisa grabs Blacula's voodoo doll, and...

She stabs the crap out of it and sends the evil vampire back to the land of the dead!!.. Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will bring us something special...

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