Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CONJURING ORSON - Jeremy Dylan Lanni (2014)

 Jeremy Dylan Lanni has been my friend on Facebook for a few years now. We've never met or spoke to each other, but he sends me emails with links to his short films, and I haven't been disappointed yet! Tonight's Wild Wednesday 8 minute short feature  written, directed, and produced by Jeremy is called "Conjuring Orson!" It's well done, funny, smart, and informative, so what the Hell else could you want out of 8 minutes?

And so it goes, "Conjuring Orson" is a movie about making a movie about a movie!

The main scene is set at a seance!
Eileen Barnett is awesome as Madam Tana! Eileen has been all over TV for three decades now!

 Sarah (As The World Turns, All My Children) Glendening is Kristen Powers, and Clifford (Redlands) Morts are two film makers who want to remake the last but unfinished film of Orson Welles called "The Other Side Of The Wind," and they're seeking spiritual help to try and find out what kind of ending Orson had in mind!

 The skeptical third member of the party is Stuart (Not Necessarily The News) Pankin as an actor Eli Klein!

The ghost of Orson Welles is one of the hardest working guys in show business, Peter (They Live) Jason, who ironically enough was actually in "The Other Side Of The Wind" before it got scrapped!

 They ask some questions and Orson has some not so kind things to say about the film making business, and then..........

 ..........He's gone just as fast as he appeared, and he never got around to answering their question about the ending, so they're just going to have to come back and pay for another session!

 They didn't get the ending out of Orson, and I'm not going to tell you either!!

But you can go watch it yourself, and that would be my recommendation!
So what do you think? Orson's real last film that got completed was a documentary titled "F For Fake," so you can pretty much assume that this is 
not quite The End either!

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