Monday, May 1, 2017

BLACULA / American International Pictures - 1972

Here's a fun blacksploitation flick starring William (THE BOSTON STRANGLER) Marshall. The story goes like this... An ancient African prince, turned into a vampire by Dracula himself, finds himself in modern Los Angeles.

It's the year 1780 in Transylvania, Count Dracula invites Mamuwalde and his wife Luva to his castle for a sleepover, but, It's actually a plot to turn him into a vampire!

Not your typical title card, the seventies was a time to experiment with given norms...

Two dudes at the warehouse that received Blacula's coffin end up letting him out and we get our first victims of the movie. Poor stupid saps!

Later, Blacula is chasing a hot black chick when a taxi runs into him while he's wandering the streets. He's okay, but, he bites the female driver in the neck for a lil' snack.

Then, Blacula begins to mingle with hip cats at a local bar, and, he's popular with the crowd.

This gal is developing photos when she notices that their new friend isn't in the picture! Moments later, Blacula pays her a little visit,

I like this pic, the styles and colors are so cool!

In this scene, Dungeon Pal Elisha (THE KILLING, VOODOO ISLAND, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL) Cook gets run down by a dead girl that comes back to life at the morgue where he works!

Wow, check out these two stills, lots of great stunt scenes throughout the movie.

The coppers drive a steak through Blacula's vampire wife and get prepared to face the possible deadly consequences!

But, Blacula cannot face the future without his woman. So, he goes to the top of the building and lets the bright sun do its thing! Damn, it must feel pretty weird to have a bunch o' worms crawling in your vampire face, yuck!!

And, they even made a freakin' action figure of our nemesis! Tune in Wednesday for more wild junk, from The Dungeon Gang!

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