Wednesday, May 3, 2017

THE HOLE - John and Faith Hubley (1962)

"The Hole" is a 1962 Oscar Award winning short by John and Faith Hubley, the animation couple that brought the world 779 episodes of "The Electric Company" from 1971 to 1977!

The funny thing is that the Hubley's are not who animated "The Hole," instead it was animated by two other colossal talents, Bill (Toonerville Trolley, Charlie Brown, Garfield) Littlejohn, and Gary (Underdog, Heavy Metal) Mooney!!

"The Hole" is an abstract tale of two New York construction workers underground who have a discussion about the workings of the world, or is it? One of the absolute best trumpet players of all time, Dizzy Gillespie is the voice of this unnamed character!

The voice of the grumpy worker is George (City Beneath The Sea, The Man With The Golden Arm) Matthews.

Dizzy Gillespie is credited along with Charlie "Bird" Parker for being the creator of a jazz musical style known as Be-Bop, and after that, music was never the same again!

"The Hole" is not a funny cartoon, although there is some comedic dialogue! It has a very serious message that resounds firmly today!

The conversation stops, and there is a loud blast, and when the two guys poke their heads out.......

This is all there is left to see!

Let's just hope this prophetic little cartoon doesn't come true some 55 years later!

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