Monday, May 29, 2017

GODZILLA, MOTHRA AND KING GHIDORAH: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack / Toho Company - 2001

I'll finish off my month with this great Godzilla flick. The story goes something like this... Strange incidents occur when an American submarine has been destroyed by a mysterious force at sea and only Admiral Tachibana is certain that Godzilla's behind the disaster! To further prove Tachibana's claim, his daughter Yuri, who works for the TV news program, Digital Q, investigates strange phenomena in three separate areas in Japan and meets a mysterious old man who proclaims that aside from his infamous nuclear origins, Godzilla is also an accumulation of vengeful souls!

After the submarine incident, a giant Mothra worm breaks up the swim party at a lake!

Then, Godzilla is reborn and makes his way to a city, and, as usual, looking for trouble.

japan sends out their guardian monsters to attack Godzilla and protect the population from the destruction the big guy's capable of! But, he disposes of his lesser opponents post haste.

Big G is roaming the countryside, looking for more trouble, when a group of jet fighters show up and fire their missiles into the lumbering hulk!

Mothra appears in the sky and is ready to rumble with Godzilla, the battle leaves Mothra defeated and the big lizard just keeps rolling along.

Then, King Ghidorah joins in on the fun and the fur flies!..

Big G deep sixes The King, but, the three headed monster reassembles its molecules and gives us a fantastic light show! This is one of the very best modern Godzilla flicks, no G flop!

It's the battle of the century as the two monsters go back and forth, but in the end, our atomic big guy defeats King Ghidorah yet again...

Godzilla goes back to the sea where a small sub is ready to put some special boring missiles into him. Unfortunately, the monster swallows the submarine and it's stuck inside his stomach! So, why not just bore your way out of the thing!!

The day is saved and Godzilla goes down for the count, goodnight sweet prince!! We're back Wednesday with our last post in May...

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