Friday, May 5, 2017

SANTO CONTRA EL ASESINO DE LA T. V. / Cinematográfica RA, Producciones Géminis - 1981

It's Cinco De Mayo, so, I'd be silly to not post a flick from Mexico. Here's one about a TV broadcast that's interrupted by a masked man named Magnus, who says he's going to show an authentic criminal act, the live kidnapping of actress Marina Laval, which he does! Then he says, tune in next week for the broadcast of a jewel robbery, and, Santo joins the fun to solve the mystery...

Magnus interrupts a musical program to issue his message about a plan to kidnap of beloved actress Marina Laval... Love the shot of the family, bewildered, watching their TV!

Meanwhile, our hero Santo is in the ring kicking some butt as usual. Love that top shot of the arena interior, I really miss the good old days, considering what deep shit we're all in now!!

Magnus has a prison in some caves, where he keeps his female trophies safe from prying eyes.

Break time... Here's portly ranchera singer Gerardo Reyes crooning to the audience...

Okay. (beep beep) break's over!!

After a botched kidnapping, Magnus gets on the horn to let everyone know he's pissed off!

Magnus has a sweet illegal underground broadcasting station!..

Then, Magnus interferes in a wrasslin' match with our hero. Santo's pals watch the action in horror as the battle tide goes back and forth! Santo barely wins this one. Santo was 64 years old when this one was filmed!!

I really dig the underground lair of Magnus! Santo has to fight off a bunch of guys before he deals with the karate dude that knows how to kick!

Magnus, now with his mask removed, basically goes bananas as he threatens to blow the place sky high in order to kill Santo and his pals!

An interesting shot!!.. Anyway, Santo grabs everyone and they get their butts out of the caves as quickly as possible, before...

The place explodes, destroying the underground lair and killing Magnus!.. Hooray!!

Join us again tomorrow as we end our week, here, at The Dungeon!!!

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