Monday, May 8, 2017


Arthur Franz was in a pile of great Fifties Horror and Sci-Fi Movies, here are the movies he starred in from 1951-9. He did a few other horror movies in the sixties and seventies but I'm not including them for good reason...

In 1951 Arthur starred in the Universal sci-fi comedy, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN. In 1948, at the end of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, our boys meet The Invisible Man in a row boat, but, the voice was that of Dungeon Hero, Vincent Price!

Also in 1951, Arthur took a FLIGHT TO MARS with his pals! Man, does he look handsome in his space garb as he represents the Earth on their journey to the Red Planet.

INVADERS FROM MARS from 1953 is one of my very favorite flicks... In the still, we see David confirming that the UFO model he's shown by Dr. Kelston is the same as the one that landed in the dunes while Dr Blake looks on. If you don't recognize this scene, well, it's because it only appears in the reedited British version, which I watched again over the weekend!

Then, in 1957, Arthur appears in the very strange movie, BACK FROM THE DEAD. What I remember about this one is the weird sci-fi music Arthur plays throughout the movie.

THE FLAME BARRIER from 1958 is another one of my favorite movies, saw it when it came out. Arthur plays the older brother of a jungle expedition team that helps the wife of the dude in the space blob save the world!!

Another movie I saw at the time was Universal's MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS in 1958, Arthur plays Professor Blake who becomes the monster... The still shows Eegah's (!!) favorite scene!

THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE from 1959 is another all time favorite movie of mine. Arthur is perfect as the hard nosed Lt. Cmdr. Holloway. In the still, he shoots a flare into the eyeball of the giant cyclops monster! So, there you go, although Arthur was a very unhappy actor, his movies are always great to watch again and again...


Randall Landers said...

Love him in The Atomic Submarine!

Grant said...

It took me forever to the The Atomic Submarine for the first time.
One of the most unexpected things about it is that sort of "hawk vs. dove" situation between him and the Brett Halsey character. Who would expect that in a movie about a submarine crew discovering a space monster?

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