Monday, May 22, 2017

THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP / Productores Argentinos Asociados - 1969

It's time for Something Weird!!.. Today we gots a movie about a doctor who kidnaps couples who like to have sex. He takes them to his mansion where they are being kept as prisoners and injects them with a substance to enhance their sexual abilities, if you know what I mean. The Curious Dr. Humpp then forces the abducted people to have sex, and while they're making love he drains a fluid from them. He needs this fluid to prevent himself from being transformed into a monster and he gets his instructions from a freakin' talking brain!!

Of course, this is a wild and weird film out of Argentina with a strong Euro influence...

It seems like the people in Argentina are fairly oversexed, couples even enjoy girls stripping for them in public!.. Move over you guys!!

This is such a cool shot of the saxophone player pausing a moment to check out the skin!

Dr. Humpp has a special monitoring system to keep an eye on all the prisoners in his mansion.

Looks like the doc ran out of fluid because this is what he turns into when that happens.

Oh yeah, the cops are baffled by the mystery and spend most of their time looking for clues.

Here's the doctor in a heated discussion with his talking brain in a jar!..

This is the special room where the fluids are drained out of the lovers, complete with the doctor's robo guards making sure everything goes according to plan.

A lot of time in the movie is just spent showing a sea of writhing, horny flesh!

Any questions so far!?..

The doc's assistant strips down this buxom gal, getting her ready to give some of that fluid.

Here's a brain teaser... Can you tell who's body parts go where?

Anyway, the police finally get things figured out, they show up to raid the doctor's mansion. But, they have to blow the heads off the robots to get to the doc.

In the lab, the doctor informs the policeman and his girlfriend, who have been imprisoned by him, about all his weird experiments.

The brain gets fried and the doc gets a back full of knife from the girl!

And, the Curious Dr. Humpp turns into a messed up corpse, bringing our show to a close... Eegah!! will be here again on Wednesday to share more crazy junk with us!..

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Grant said...

I think I saw some long excerpts of it on the show REEL WILD CINEMA (a very underrated show).

One of the scenes was a very tongue-in-cheek one, where the scientist sends his very non-human-looking helper for supplies, but instead of sending him out to break into a lab (like the helper in FRANKENSTEIN), he sends him to a regular pharmacy! Is that scene from DR. HUMPP?

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