Wednesday, May 17, 2017

THE STORY OF "LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD" - Ray Harryhausen (1949)

Here's a bit of Wednesday Weirdness for you, one of a handful of classic tales that were made into stop-motion cartoons by one of the greatest talents in film history, Mr. Ray Harryhausen! My favourite Ray Harryhausen film will always be "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad,"  but that's not to take away from all his other awesome work like "Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers," or "20 Million Miles To Earth," or "Mysterious Island," or "Jason And The Argonauts" etc. etc. etc.

Seven Credits! Es Todo! That's All! Amazing, and it's really only 5 or 6 because Jerome Wray was also Ray Harryhausen, and I don't think Cinesound counts either, so basically Ray did everything except the narration and the costumes!

Red's Mom says, "Just stay on the path!"

Red's thinking, "Too many rules!"

Looks like a Maxfield Parrish painting!

Red senses trouble! I see flying saucers landing in the background!

And what the heck is this place Ray?  It looks like Oz, or Xanadu in the background!

Oh, No, it's not aliens, it's a talking wolf! 

Why the wolf didn't eat Red right then and there is anybody's guess, that's the biggest mystery to me!

So the wolf goes directly to Grandma's house!

"Is anybody home?"

"Oh, No, It's a Wolf!"

I never have found the story of Little Red Riding Hood to be very credible!! 
"Grandma, what big teeth you have!" Really? And what about that wolfy breath? Grandma, can I get you a breath mint?  I think the part they never told you about this story is that Little Red Riding Hood is physically impaired, because she obviously can't see, hear, or smell!

That's as good of a "The End" as you're ever likely to see, and that's right where I'll leave you!

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