Saturday, March 1, 2008

THE TROLLENBERG TERROR (The Crawling Eye) - Stanley Black - " All The Jars And Bottles You Got" (1958)

Tabonga says this is music, but I'm not so sure he doesn't have termites in that hollow log of his! Sometimes there's a fine line between "space music" and merely just "sound effects", but either way, here's some neat stuff from a weird and very creepy movie, from 1958, "The Crawling Eye." (Actually, the more I listen to this, the more I like it too!)

Forrest Tucker didn't make a lot of horror films, but oddly enough, he made two 'crawling' ones. Besides "The Crawling Eye," he was also in a film called "The Crawling Terror," but other than that he was mostly noted for being in TV westerns! Remember "F Troop"? Now, isn't that funny? You probably couldn't name a show that today considering the present day connotation of the letter 'F'!!! You might note how casual Forrest is throughout this film, like, okay, circle up the wagons again, it's a Big Eye with tentacles this time, okay, get me something to throw at it!

This film is dead serious, No jokes, No gags! No goofing around or somebody's going to get hurt!!!

All kidding aside, The Big Eye choking this guy will get under your skin! I hope he got paid good for this scene!

Here's the real "Crawling Eye" itself!!! Yow!!!!


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You got to have a soft spot for any movie featuring giant eyeballs --

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