Saturday, March 29, 2008

CEREBRO DEL MAL (Santo Vs The Evil Brain) - Trio Servando Diaz - "Enmascarado" (1961)

Pretty tough to find a decent copy of "Cerebro Del Mal" these days, but anyway, this 1961 film shot in Cuba back to back with "Santo Contra Hombres Infernales" was basically Santo's primero feature film.

He's not even a Santo character per se, but instead, a mere detective called Enmascarado, who is joined in the on screen action by El Incognito.

El Incognito was played by wrestler/writer Fernando Oses, who continued working on these movies for many years.

Drivers, start your motors!!! Very nice line-up of Mercury cop cars!!!

The main music in the film was by Salvador Espinosa in his first and only job as composer in the movies, and in an attempt to always keep it lively, we have a poolside appearance by Trio Servando Diaz . We don't know exactly what the title is because Tabonga's copy is so bad, you can't read the names of the songs in the title credits, and it's the best one he could find, but at least they cut out the commercials this time!

Santo is still in the background as the bad guy tries to steal the show with his dieing act, but good will prevail over evil, and Santo, not the evil brain will go on to have an awesome career!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

Gosh darn those evil brains! When will they ever learn?

elcubanito said...

I want to get this movie bad brain where this trio Servando Diaz tell me how do I download the movie I have to do

Monster Music

Monster Music
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