Sunday, March 9, 2008

THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD - Dimitri Tiomkin - "It's Not Dead" (1951)

Dimitri Tiomkin gets the real music composition credits for "The Thing", but the playing of the theremin by Dr. Samuel Hoffman in key scenes is just as important in the overall soundtrack. We already touted the amazing skills of both these two men, and you can find it in our archives, so there's not much more to add, except, Enjoy this little piece from a film unlike any other!!

Doesn't really turn out that he's so smart after all!

When "The Thing" wakes up, it's "Exit! Stage right!!" Guns a blazing, because...That Thing's Alive!!

When I was a kid and I first saw this picture for the original artwork from John Campbell's book in Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazine, I thought it was one of the scariest images I'd ever seen!!


rodan! said...

Rodan! predicts that best sci-fi flicks of the 1950s are THE THING and FORBIDDEN PLANET!

Greg Goodsell said...
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Greg Goodsell said...

Adam Parfrey, the editor of the indispensable APOCALYPSE CULTURE books, is a renowned master of the theremin.

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Monster Music
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