Sunday, March 16, 2008

INVADERS FROM MARS - Raoul Kraushaar - "Theme & Escape" (1953)

Tonight's classic feature from way, way back in 1953, is "Invaders From Mars"! This film is a wonder to behold again, and again, and unlike a lot of these old movies, there are quality copies of "Invaders From Mars" out there that you can get your grimy hands on. The theme is as classic as "The Wizard Of Oz" and offbeat jazzy in that "Dementia" sorta way. From there you'll be taken to the end of the feature and a surreal collage of sounds and music that will sound like it goes on forever and ever!!


I honestly think this might be the most beautiful lobby card I have ever seen in my life. What do you think??

For being a macho character his whole career, there's something not too flattering about this pose there, Morris! What do you think Art?

Doesn't it just defy the imagination to know they could make a simple hole in the ground this fantastic!

Musical director Raoul Kraushaar's work goes Way back to 1937 cowboy movies with titles like "Rhythm of the Saddle" and "Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm." The amazing Mort Glickman also gets credit as composer for stock music as he did in over 100 movies dating back to the early 40's! These guys were music-makin' machines, and they were very good at what they did, so enjoy it, because after the invasion, you won't be able to!

Okay, sure, there's a whole lot of running back in forth in those tunnels, and some of the Martians need to do a few sit-ups, but overall, "Invaders From Mars" gets a 13 on a scale from 1 to 10!

Here's a funny 3 shot sequence I made to show you how this dumpy Martian falls down. You need to go out and buy your own copy so you can watch in in slow-mo again and again! It's great therapy!


Greg Goodsell said...

I love the choral voices in this soundtrack -- although the pessimistic ending is a little too heavy for a children's film --

Mr. Banane said...

The music of this classic is simply brilliant! Great your side! We love classic and your Blog fits really to ours, even if our Blog is into German.
It is a pity that one cannot borrow something..., however, we deal a code of honour which means, not from other sides with us. Your side is great! The classics live it!!

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Monster Music
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