Saturday, March 22, 2008

BILLY THE KID VERSUS DRACULA - Raoul Kraushaar/Dr. Samuel Hoffman (Theremin) - "18 And Beautiful" (1966)

Wow, what a great title card!! Can this movie possibly match up to this high of a standard? Well, just depends on how you look at it!
In "Billy The Kid Versus Dracula", the theremin is used as a tool for building suspense and it always seems to work whether it's in outer space or even in a spooky vampire western like this, and with Dr. Samuel Hoffman at the helm, it's always going to be first class, and mixed with the music of Raoul Kraushaar, Bingo, you've got an instant winner!!!

Chuck Courtney, a guy with 50 years in the business as an actor and stuntman in TV and movies of all ilks, shows classic beauty Melinda Plowman his gun!

Chuck just looks dang comfortable in any western role!

John Carradine looks extra extremely sinister in this particular vampire role! Sure, he'd like to see that picture of your 18 and beautiful daughter!!!

I'm glad Chuck Courtney was a stuntman because it looks like the old man John Carradine is really putting some hurt on him!

Chuck does a great job of looking absolutely overtaken by John Carradine in this scene, because Dracula's got Billy's arm pulled up behind him in a hammerlock, and he's choking the crap out of him. It's either that or he's really getting his butt kicked!

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Greg Goodsell said...

One of William "One Shot" Beaudine's final films, my favorite scene in this film is when they shoot one bad cowboy dead, he's lying on the ground, one horse trots just a bit too closely towards him -- and he comes alive again and flinches! And they left it in! HA!

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