Thursday, March 13, 2008

IDO ZERO DAISAKUSEN (Latitude Zero) - Akira Ifukube - "Latitude Attitude" (1969)

I was flabbergasted by how bad movie this really was, and it's not hardly worth a mention here. There's so much money and talent wasted, and it comes across as a bad 'Power Rangers' episode with plastic acting by almost everyone!

It's Toho, it's Ishirô Honda, it's got Richard Jaeckel right after doing "Green Slime," and there's Akira Takarada and Jospeh Cotten all doing the worst performances of their life!

At the beginning, you think it's going to be camp like a 'Batman' TV series with Cesar Romero as 'The Joker' but no, instead it's mostly just crap, and Patricia Medina as Lucretia possibly turns in one of the most atrocious acting jobs ever! Ouch!!!!

Now, they're back, all immune in their gold lame Elvis outfits to make them completely invulnerable!

Then, somebody decided they didn't look stupid enough, so they put on the gold caps and goggles!! Sheeesh!! "Are we not men??"

This stupid stuffed animal looking monster looks cross-eyed and this professor and his daughter look like they are watching the dailies of this dumb movie!! The moronic giant rats and guy in a stuffed animal lion suit didn't fare much better either!

Some of the postcard pics of their underwater nirvana look pretty neat, but that's not quite enough to save this film!
And even the music by Akira Ifukube is really not that special this time!

It's a whole bunch of "Latitude Attitude" and all you get is a big ZERO!


Greg Goodsell said...

It shore does look pretty, though, Jasper.

tabonga!! said...

Tabonga like to go a few rounds with rat dude!!

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Monster Music
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