Friday, March 7, 2008

FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF - Luis Hernández Bretón - "Werewolf Rampage" (1964)

That Jerry Warren was one bent cat. Andy Partridge of the English Band XTC, had an album where he reused a bunch of his old stuff all mixed together in a new form, and he called it, "The Lure Of Salvage," and I think that explains the Jerry Warren phenomenon as good as anything. Always hoping to find or create buried treasures, "Face Of The Screaming Werewolf" was a mix of two Mexican films, "La Casa Del Terror" from 1960 and "La Momia Azteca," from 1957 with some added footage from Jerry in an effort to make it more cohesive supposedly!

Werewolves are quite a vicious lot as a whole, whereas Vampires move slow and slink around in the dark, Werewolves just come after you with everything they got!!!!

The very dynamic music by Mexican composer Luis Hernández Bretón works so well in this scene where the Werewolf is going after these doctors tooth and nail, it is a perfect.............Werewolf Rampage!!!

I do believe I could outrun Frankenstein or a Mummy, but I sure don't want to tangle with no Werewolf!!!

This would be the last time Lon Chaney Jr. played a Werewolf in a film!

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Greg Goodsell said...

I've only seen a trailer for this film -- what I remember has Lon Chaney Jr., long past his prime climbing up an outside fire escape.

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