Sunday, March 23, 2008

MISSILE TO THE MOON - Nicholas Carras - "Moondance Plus" (1958)

Well, you got your good classics and you've got your bad classics, and "Missile To The Moon" would definitely fall into the latter category, but, it is a classic, nonetheless, and sometimes classic bad is better than classic good, at least in the kitsch department!

The basic premise was to make a movie in space using beauty queen contest winners, and how could you possibly go wrong with a concept like that??

Talk about your amazingly awesome lineup! As the old cartoon wolf would say, "AAaaOoooh!!!!!!"

This is a very good example of a variation on that classic 1958 'Do The Airplane' dance step we all used to do, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, remember? I didn't think so!

These two guys obviously sold their souls, in order for them to be lucky enough to work with all these beauties! You gotta admit, they look pretty guilty!!

Taken away for a blind date with a really ugly giant moon spider, but look on the good side, you get to work with gorgeous gals like Sanita!

Shoot the spider, Save the girl!!

I am so mad, can't any of you people do anything right, I am still the Queen here, and I say, Off with their heads!!

The whole set is falling down, what's going on? This wasn't in my script!!!

It is impossible to even discuss
"Missile To The Moon"
without bring up the subject of these rock monsters! So difficult to shoot, it was never attempted again in history! It would be kind of like trying to rebuild "Stonehenge" you know! Why even bother!


rodan! said...

Let's all give Eegah a big hand for great entries like tonight's!.. WOW!!

Greg Goodsell said...

They dragged out the spider from QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE one more time for this loser -- I think the spider was finally laid to rest in DUNGEONS OF HARROW! Trivia note: Tania Velia (Miss Yugoslovia) was ALSO in QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE and FIEND OF DOPE ISLAND!

rodan! said...

Oops... QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE reused the spider from WORLD WITHOUT END. The spider in MISSILE TO THE MOON was reused from CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON.

Lacey said...

Oddly enough, when Legend Films colorized this movie they made the moon maids blue (I don't know why but it worked) but the kept the sky on the "moon" blue as well.

If you are going to take liberties, why not cut the producers some slack and make the lunar sky black. After all, you control the color wheel.


Exeter said...

I gotta say, to anybody that will listen, that those "Moon Men" that break away from a rock face was one of the neatest things I've ever seen.. At least the first time, anyway!

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