Friday, March 21, 2008

THE DEADLY BEES - The Birds - "That's All I Need" - Elkie Brooks - "Stop The Music" (1967)

Twisted tale #331............ The saga of "The Deadly Bees"!!!!

"The Birds," a very real, and very impressive band whose shot at stardom was basically derailed by having the wrong name, get this "Amicus" film rolling with "That's All I Need."

Shortly after this movie was made, "The Birds" broke up! The rest is history! Guitarist Ronnie Wood played bass with Jeff Beck for awhile, played with "The Creation", then picked up his guitar again when he joined up with the "Small Faces" which then turned into Rod Stewart and "Faces," and he ended up in "The Rolling Stones." Bassist Kim Gardner went on to play in "The Creation", "Ashton, Gardner and Dyke" and "Badger." For a real treat and more info on the rest of the guys and some freakin' awesome music try....The Birds MySpace. And when you're there, listen to "Daddy Daddy," the instrumental break at the end sounds like "The Who" jamming with Hendrix!!! They also do a good version of "You're On My Mind."

It's a 1966 TV show, and after their number, we get to be tortured by Suzanna Leigh as pop star Vicki Robbins on "Baby let Me Love You" with the real vocals being sung by Elkie Brooks. Elkie Brooks and the late Robert Palmer were in an early 70's band together called "Vinegar Joe." Elkie's brother was the drummer with Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas.

There are at least two scenes of Vicki brushing her teeth. Kind of a public service announcement for good oral hygiene!!

Let's give a big hand and a thumb's up to "Amicus Productions" for breaking the mold and bringing in some 'rock' while "Hammer" would almost never stray away from their heavily orchestrated soundtracks!!

Not as good as some of his work, but still a fine film from Freddie Francis, and a premium example of rock music in the 1960's monster movies! Yeah!!!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

What a delight! Legendary rock musicians, the capable directorial hand of Freddie Francis and scenes of gratuitous tooth brushing!

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