Monday, March 17, 2008

FROM HELL IT CAME - Darrell Caulker - "Tabonga's Song" (1957)

Well, here's one helluva theme from the 1957 classic "From Hell It Came." Seems like when there was a 50's movie in the jungle(or maybe a western or a cartoon too), Darrell Caulker was the go-to guy a lot of the time for the music! Woody, I mean Tabonga (He hates it when I call him Woody!) was almost petrified over the fact that we hadn't played the music from his movie yet! I was just saving it for the right time, that's all! Talk about twisted roots or getting your bark in a bunch, whoa! "Do The Tabonga"!!!!

Want to really look like you're on an island? Chickens, lots of chickens, roosters mostly are even better! Guaranteed!!

"Hey, You got the wrong dude, I'm telling you guys, you made a mistake!!"

Oh, Yeah, Tabonga's time to do the revenge rumble! She really should have known better! Are all you gals taking notes out there? You see how this works?

And just in case you had any doubt, Yes, Paul Blaisdell was Tabonga's Father! Probably one of the most impressive family tree's that Hollywood ever produced!!!

So I'm going out on a limb here, with a little extra something I don't normally do, but since it's a special occasion, from a 1976 LP entitled, "The 20th Anniversary Of Rock & Roll," here's "Kill My Body" by none other than, the one, the only, Mr. Bo Diddley! It might not make sense, but Bo and Tabonga will get it!!


Anonymous said...

This Tabonga's favorite flick!!

Greg Goodsell said...

The leading lady in this film has the worst scream ever recorded!

Anonymous said...

Tabonga really like pic 5!

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