Thursday, March 27, 2008

CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION - Max Lipscomb - "Bat Man" (1967)

Born in Dallas, Texas, 1937, Max Lipscomb started off his career playing guitar as one of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps, and Max recorded with tons of people on all kinds of labels in the deep South, and Nawlins' where he recorded a version of "Sea Cruise" using some of Frankie Ford's original tracks, and his version of "Little Liza Jane" is above reproach! He recorded one single, the quite political, "I Can't Make Your Way", that included a killer Jeff Beck solo, with The Yardbirds. He wrote songs with some mild success and recorded under various band names like "The Shut Downs," Max K. Lipscomb With The Bobby Rambeau Orchestra, and/or Scotty McKay's Bolero Band! He fronted the world famous Texas band "Tommy & The Tom Toms," and in 1966 he appeared in the movie "The Black Cat" as a singer, and then by 1967, his career was pretty much shot, literally, and he was working with Larry Buchanan, case closed! He never was able to grasp the real fame and fortune he desired and deserved, before passing away in 1991!(The closest thing to the Apocalypse that really never happened that year!)

Max Lipscomb's name was changed to Scotty McKay when Bob Crewe Productions tried to market him as a teen idol.

This is a version of "Batman" unlike any other you've ever heard. I can't quite figure it out, it's like "Batman" crossed with Gary Puckett and "Blood Sweat And Tears" or something equally strange, you people tell me! Most of the rest of the movie sucks, once again filmed in contractual 16mm, with the same monster again! Scotty's appearance in this film almost brings it's star quality rating up to that of "Horror Of Party Beach!" Mercy, is there no end?? Raise your glasses high and let's all give a gigantic toast to the memory of Scotty McKay!!!! Thanks for the memories buddy, Cheers!!!!! This is Rockin' Music from the Monster Movies!!!!!!!

Then there's an acoustic like folk song on the beach probably called something like "Lonely People" before Max gets creamed, and it's got to be some kind of cruel joke, because the applause after his song is from some crowded auditorium, and yet there are only a handful of kids on the beach listening.

The horrible monster does Max in when he can't get his motorcycle stuck outta the sand!!! "Something terrible is going to happen on the beach tonight!" Right!

This stupid, overused sea monster actually looks pretty scary if you blur it enough!!!! Every horror movie or rock music aficionado should definitely have this film in their collection to impress the chicks and their doubting family members!


Greg Goodsell said...

One person I talked to who was very positive about working with Larry Buchanan was Yvette Vickers -- after appearing in MARS NEEDS WOMEN, she went on to play "Batgirl" on TV.

THE LAST HERO 1 said... ''wasnt'' YVETTE VICKERS who starred in 'MARS NEEDS WOMEN', it was YVONNE CRAIG [BAT-GIRL]. YVETTE starred in ATTACK OF THE 50 FT. WOMAN & THE GIANT LEECHES. just to clarify.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Last Hero,

You are absolutely right! Mr. Goodsell got his Yv names mixed up!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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