Saturday, September 3, 2016


Welcome to another edition of the Saturday Night Special, Dungeon Style! 
This gun is loaded!
This gets more difficult all the time, not because I don't know who to choose, but after scouring the web, it's trying to figure out which of the great pictures to use! The first 25 only got one or two photos, and now it's up to three, four, five, and more, but I don't think anybody's going to complain!!

 #126 - Anne Jeffreys - "Zombies On Broadway" "Dick Tracy" "Topper"

 #127 - Carol Lynley - "Shock Treatment" "The Pleasure Seekers" "Bunny Lake Is Missing"
I love that shot of Carol by the pool with the capsized kayaker!
 There's pretty, cute, beautiful, gorgeous, but to me, Carol Lynley is just lovely!

 #128 - Christine Kaufmann - "Town Without Pity" "Terror After Midnight"

 #129 - Claudia Jennings - "The Unholy Rollers" "Gator Bait" "The Man Who Fell To Earth"
Claudia was also the 1970 Playmate Of The Year!

#130 - Cleo Moore - "One Girl's Confession" "Bait"

#131 - Dawn Addams - "The Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll" "The Thousand Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse"

#132 - Dawn Wells - Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island!" "The Town That Dreaded Sundown"

#133 - Dominque Wilms - "The Trap Snaps Shut At Midnight"

 #134 - Ewa Aulin - "Candy"

 #135 - Fay Wray - "The Vampire Bat" "King Kong" "Black Moon" "Rock, Pretty Baby"

 #136 - Gabriella Licudi - "Unearthly Stranger" The Liquidator" "Casino Royale"

#137 - Ida Lupino - "Strange Intruder" "The Twilight Zone" "Burke's Law" "Batman"

 #138 - Ingrid Pitt - "Sound Of Horror" "The Vampire Lovers" "Countess Dracula' "The House That Dripped Blood"

 #139 - Jacqueline Bisset - "Casino Royale" "The Sweet Ride" "The Grasshopper"

 #140 - Jane Adams - "House Of Dracula" "The Brute Man" "Batman And Robin"

 #141 - Natalie Wood - "Rebel Without A Cause" "Meteor"

 #142 - Peggie Castle - "Beginning Of The End" "Back From The Dead"

 #143 - Senta Berger - "The Terror Of Doctor Mabuse" "The Ambushers" "When Women Had Tails"

#144 - Shelley Fabares - "Rock, Pretty Baby" "The Twilight Zone" "Ride The Wild Surf" "The Donna Reed Show"

#145 - Sivi Aberg - "Batman" "Doctor Death: Seeker Of Souls"

 #146 - Susan Denberg - "Star Trek" "Frankenstein Created Woman"

 #147 - Susan Hampshire - "Expresso Bongo" "Night Must Fall" "A Hard Day's Night" "Secret Agent"

 #148 - Vera Day - "Enemy From Space" "The Woman Eater" "The Haunted Strangler"

 #149 - Yutte Stensgaard - "Some Girls Do" "Scream And Scream Again" "Lust For A Vampire"

#150 - Yvonne Craig - "BAT GIRL!"
And what a perfect place to end this segment!
Have a Laborious Happy Day Weekend!!


Grant said...

I never noticed it before, but Ingrid Pitt looked vaguely like Lee Grant. In that second photo, I could have almost sworn that was who it was.

EEGAH!! said...

Very astute observation Grant!! They did look VERY similar!

TC said...

Never noticed before, but there is a resemblance between Ingrid Pitt and Lee Grant.

Ingrid Pitt was typecast in horror in the 1970's, and as a terrorist in the 1980's (Wild Geese II and The Final Option). (The latter was originally called "Who Dares, Wins" in Great Britain.)

Ingrid and Yutte Stansgaard both played Carmilla in movies, The Vampire Lovers and Lust For a Vampire, respectively. I wouldn't mind being bitten by either one.

Carol Lynley was as cute as a bug.

Susan Hampshire was in (IIRC) two episodes of Danger Man (aka Secret Agent), and they were as close as John Drake ever got to a romantic involvement.

Gabriella Licudi was awesome. She was also in a Danger Man/Secret Agent episode, English Lady Takes Lodgers.

Senta Berger was awesome, too. Like Daliah Lavi and Luciana Paluzzi, she could probably play a seductive foreign spy in her sleep.

Offhand, I can name four or five Fay Wray movies, all of them horror or suspense: King Kong, The Most Dangerous Game, Doctor X, The Vampire Bat, The Mystery of the Wax Museum. She was the Jamie Lee Curtis of the 1930's. Or maybe Jamie was the Fay Wray of the late 1970's.

Anne Jeffreys was in a "B" western series with Bill Elliot and Gabby Hayes. She also played Tess Truehart, the hero's girlfriend, in the RKO Dick Tracy series. As I recall, there was a running gag with them getting interrupted every time they were about to kiss.

I believe she and Robert Sterling were married IRL. They had great chemistry on Topper.

Jane "Poni" Adams also made "B" Westerns, with Kirby Grant and Fuzzy Knight. Maybe they were Universal's answer to Bill, Anne, and Gabby. Or to Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Gabby.

Peggie Castle played the saloon owner, and the marshal's sorta-kinda girlfriend, in the TV series Lawman. Very similar to Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke.

Yvonne Craig was in a Star Trek episode, and also in In Like Flint, with James Coburn. In the latter, she played a Russian ballerina. I think she had formal ballet training IRL, and in fight scenes on Batman, it showed in her graceful spinning kicks.

In an interview, Yvonne (who was 5'3") said it was a relief when Eartha Kitt (who was 5'4") replaced Julie Newmar (5'11") as Catwoman. "If I'd had a fight scene with Julie, what could I do? Hit her in the knee?"

Natalie Wood made a couple of movies with Tab Hunter, and they dated a few times. Studio publicity tried to link them romantically, but they were platonic friends. Years later, Tab came out and revealed that he was gay. Their closest friends knew it all along, and there was an in-joke in Hollywood: "Natalie Wood. But Tab wouldn't."

Grant said...

Ewa Aulen also has one of the great attractive VOICES. I thought I heard that she was dubbed by someone else in CANDY, but maybe I misunderstood or heard wrong (I've seen START THE REVOLUTION WITHOUT ME plenty of times, and her voice in that film certainly sounds the same). Either way, I kind of hope not, because it seems like the perfect voice for her and the Candy character.

Apart from MARS NEEDS WOMEN (which I've always liked), the oddest thing I've seen with Yvonne Craig is an unsuccessful pilot for a spy show called JARRETT. It was a very tongue-in-cheek spy story, and she played a mainly comical femme fatale, with a thick southern accent and a long blonde wig!

I'm pretty sure Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffries were married as TC says, and that Tisha Sterling is their daughter. She'd of course make another good choice for one of these lists.

EEGAH!! said...

So, TC, I'm guessing you agree with most of my choices What I don't get is, why am I doing this instead of you? Thanx buddy! So many great gals and so many interesting stories, I would have loved to have bought lunch for them all!

EEGAH!! said...

I have not yet had any success trying to track down any footage from "Jarrett," Grant, and Lord knows I've tried, but it has been on the list for a while, and I'm sure one of these days it will suddenly be available, or at least I hope so!

Grant said...

Believe it or not, I managed to come by a copy of Jarrett, from one of those traders who can seemingly find just about anything. There's a problem playing the last third of it or so, but it might not be a problem with EVERY player. If you'd like, I'd be really glad to lend it.

EEGAH!! said...

That would be cool Grant! I'd like to check that one off the list! Leave a comment with your email address, and I won't post it, and we can communicate a little better. Thanx!!

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful ladies!!! But my favorite of them all is Ida Lupino. She's the one I'd loved to have been able to have a long conversation with, because she was not just another pretty face, but a lady of great acting, writing, producing and directing talent. On top of that, she was compassionate and cared about the downtrodden and hurting of society. This is reflected, I believe, in the handful of feature films she brought to the screen as producer-writer-director. Those films are not at all what would be considered "genre" films (with the possible exception of her 1952 film, THE HITCH-HIKER), but if a film is good, does it matter if it's sci-fi or has a rubber monster? Besides, the character played by the late great William Talman in that film is a far greater monster than anything Universal cranked out in the 1930s-40s!

EEGAH!! said...

Although I don't remember it much anymore, I think it was the TV show "Mr. Adams And Eve" that made me like Ida Lupino so much!

Anonymous said...

Ah, well I've not been able to see that series, having been born too late. The closest I got was seeing Ida as Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft (along with Howard Duff as Cabala) in the next-to-last episode of the 1966 BATMAN series, "The Entracing Dr. Cassandra."

She was also in an episode of THE WILD WILD WEST...

EEGAH!! said...

I think it was probably re-runs!

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