Wednesday, May 5, 2021

DER GORILLA VON SOHO - "Gorilla Gang" (1968)

It's time for another Edgar Wallace Wednesday down in The Dungeon, so hold on to your popcorn, and get ready for "Gorilla Gang!"

Edgar Wallace haunts all of us each and every day, and yet most people don't even realize it, but trust me, he's watching!
It's Cinco de Mayo, so I decided to watch a German film with Spanish sub-titles while drinking Margaritas, and I suggest you do so too!
One thing for sure, no matter what language it's in, anything is enjoyable when it has a soundtrack composed by Maestro Peter Thomas.

"Der Gorilla Von Soho" was also known as "Gorilla Gang."
In Spanish, that translates roughly to "Pandilla de Gorilas."

To you it might just look like some goof in a gorilla suit, but the reality is that it's
"A monster that strikes fear into the heart of a whole city!"

"A strange bar in London's Soho District...........

 ............Conceals many a mystery!"
Strange indeed! 
The wealthy patrons get drunk and either paint, or take pictures of a bunch of semi-nude Adam & Evil models!

As always, there are those tricky Edgar Wallace elements, like this safe with a pistol in it that shoots the unsuspecting person who opens it, square in the chest!

Sir John is not in this film but is replaced with another perv from Scotland Yard, the amazing Hubert von Meyerinck as Sir Arthur, who was also in a ton of other Edgar Wallace films like "The Man With The Glass Eye," "The Hunchback Of Soho," and "Again The Ringer." 
Here's some more info from the German Wikipedia site about Hubert provided by my Editor in Berlin that is pretty interesting.
 "I remember a gay actor we called 'Hubsi,' Hubert von Meyerinck. He never boasted of it himself, but on Kristallnacht he ran across Kurfürstendamm shouting, 'Whoever among you is Jewish, follow me.' He hid people in his apartment. Yes, they existed, the decent people whose words you could believe that it was difficult to become a resister in those days. People like Meyerinck were marvelous, wonderful."
- Billy Wilder: in an interview with Der Spiegel, Special, June 1997

This gorilla looks like he just got back from the hair stylist!

The Gorilla Gang use this ambulance as their getaway car after they pull a job.
In one scene, the gorilla dives into the open back door!

"With one vicious slash they severed the jugular vein of an entire city!"
"People disappear mysteriously!"

The fact that she has the "Sergeant Pepper" album hanging on her wall, and the other exposed record is by the phenomenal jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal, shows that this gal has got good taste in music, but too bad that's not going to be good enough to save her life.

"Nobody knows the hideout of the horrible monster," but that doesn't stop them from trying!

Victims get drowned so that the gorillas can get the insurance money! The difficult part was filling out all the paperwork!

Darn, who'd a thunk? 
It wasn't a gorilla at all, but just some moron in a gorilla suit instead!
Just in case you missed it on the last gorilla movie, here's Glen Armstrong again with the classic

Even after the whole ordeal is over, horndog Sir Arthur continues to investigate in his own special way!

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