Friday, May 14, 2021

POPEYE THE SAILOR In "Nix On Hypnotricks" - 1941

Here's a Popeye cartoon I don't think I even remember, so here we go with this crazy high wire act where Olive becomes the victim of a mad hypnotist...

Here's the sign hanging outside the hypnotist's hotel room. It's amazing how many of these puns made it into the cartoon and comedy industry!

After his goldfish turns on him, the hypnotist decides he needs a human subject to mesmerize. He opens a phone book, closes his eyes and randomly points to a name, and of course it's Olive's phone number!

He prestidigitates into the phone and Olive is at his to command, he tells her to go to his place for further orders...

Olive walks out the door and leaves.

It's not long before she's in lots of danger as Popeye monitor's her from the ground.

First, Popeye has to move this building over so that Olive doesn't just walk off the edge of another building, and it works!

As Olive walks across a power line, Popeye has to hang on with his toes!

A swinging construction hook lands Olive on a steel beam, way up high! I hate it when I have dreams like this, and I have!!

Popeye makes it across via the hook but when it swings back, it picks up a chimney top only to return and knock our hero looney!

Popeye ends up in a trash can where he pulls out his spinach to put an end to the madness. The S rips off of the spinach can and lands on his chest. He zooms away to save Olive...

Popeye has to fend off the the prestidigitation and then it's time to put that crazy hypnotist in his damn place.

Popeye gets Olive to safety but she won't snap out of the trance...

So, he slaps her in the face!!

She attacks with a bevy of punches, including some body shots!

And, here's how you end a fight in MMA!!

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