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NIGHT GALLERY / "Deliveries In The Rear" - 1972

This story is about anatomy and surgical instructor John Fletcher, who uses cadavers brought to him by grave robbers in yet another version of the Burke and Hare legend...

It stars Cornel Wilde as John Fletcher and Rosemary Forsyth as his fiancée Barbara Bennett.

Here's John Fletcher teaching his anatomy students all about how to carve up a cadaver.

After class lets out, Fletcher's helper, Jamie, tells him that there's been a delivery in the rear! Jameson is played by 5'5" Walter Burke, a very recognizable character.

Here are John Maddison and Peter Whitney as the two murderous grave robbers. Their motto is... No questions asked!

John and Jamie have scored an excellent male cadaver for his next anatomy lecture.

John has gone to visit his fiancée Barbara for the evening. After she finishes her songs on the piano, she's asked to leave the room so the men can talk.

Barbara's father (played by the great Kent Smith) speaks his mind when talking to John. There are whispers of John's receiving cadavers of murder victims for his classes. But John says that it doesn't matter, poor people are just scum anyway, and so yes, it may happen, oh well!

At this moment, I knew how this story was going to end.

After John leaves, Mr. Bennett muses... How can a man so dedicated to saving lives be so ignorant of the sanctity of life itself?

Then the school administrator pops in to address the rumors about John receiving cadavers of murdered victims. The police are looking for a male body and John better not have that body in his possession! John assures him that he has a female body for the class.

Okay then, we need a woman cadaver. Jamie is sent out to contact their buddies.

The boys hit up the local funeral home, but they don't gots no girls!

Inspector Hannify shows up to give John some dire warnings about the rumors swirling around a certain murder case involving a Mr. Woods...

At the same time Jamie brings in the cadaver for class...

But first, John has to go to the rear to pay his guys for their handy work!

I just love this picture, looks like a freaking painting!

So, John pulls back the sheet...

As school administrators watch on...

The truth will set you free!

Talk about effing up!

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Grant said...

I don't know this one well, but it has even more interesting actors, like Larry D. Mann as the police detective, and Peter Brocco (in that third to last photo). And a very early Gerald McCraney as one of the students.

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