Friday, May 21, 2021

FELIX THE CAT / Relaxing On A Sunday Morning - 1960

Here's one of my favorite Felix adventures. There were 126 episodes and a lot of them can't be found as far as I can tell, with titles like "Electronic Brainwasher," Ghostly Concert," Sheriff Felix And The Gas Cloud," The Termites Of 1960," "The Pep Pill," "The Strongest Robot In The World," "Stairway To The Stars" and "Felix Finder And The Ghost Town."

Well, it's Sunday morning and Felix goes out to his mail box to get his newspaper so that he can relax on his hammock and read the funnies, about himself!

But he gets socked right in the mush by a boxing glove!

It all makes sense when you find out that Rock Bottom is Felix's next door neighbor!

Rock is a loud person, now what's the commotion?!

He's fired up his tractor and has a mower attached to the front... Hmmm.

First he plows through Felix's tomato patch and gets a nice healthy drink of juice!

And when it comes to the watermelons, just gobble down the chunks!

Next, Felix discovers that all the water is missing from his swimming pool, and it doesn't take long before the mystery is solved.

Felix finally comes up with a plan to teach the big lug a lesson. He calls Rock and interrupts his pool time, disguising his voice as a woman. Felix tells him to hold for a minute, Rock responds with, I'll wait for you... Forever!

That gives Felix the time he needs to put the water back in his pool.

Rock finally figures out that no one's on the line!

Back at his pool, Rock decides to do a fancy dive off the board.

Rock's really mad now and chases Felix with his tractor...

But Felix ditches him and starts painting Rock's house!

And after he paints a picture of himself into the scene, Rock ends up plowing full speed into his own place!

And boy, he got just what he deserved!

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