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ELVIS AND HIS MUSIC IN THE MOVIES - "Part One" (1957 - 1968)

We never talk about Elvis Aaron Presley much, and I'm not quite sure why, because he was just as much a part of our lives growing up as The Three Stooges were, so that's why this Saturday Night Special is dedicated to the memory of the movies of the man iconic enough to be known by a one word name, and that would be

Elvis's first movie was "Love Me Tender," and his second film was called "Loving You," and in it he performs one of his biggest hits, "(Let Me Be You) Teddy Bear," that was number one for seven weeks in 1957. The other side of that single was the title from this movie. His love interest in this film was Lizabeth Scott.

 A much funner song is the one he performs at this outdoor barbeque called "Let's Have A Party," that never even charted in the U.S., but was a big number two in the U.K. with the shortened title of "Party."

These stills are from Elvis's third film "Jailhouse Rock," and the song Elvis, Scotty Moore and the boys were doing was called "Treat me Nice" that charted at #27 in 1958. "Treat Me Nice" was the B side to to the title song "Jailhouse Rock," that was number one for seven straight weeks in 1957.

In 1965, Elvis made a movie called "Tickle Me" with Julie Adams of "Creature From The Black Lagoon" fame.

In "Tickle Me," Elvis  performed a song called "Night Rider," written by Doc Pomus and  Mort Shuman.

In the 1960 film titled "G.I. Blues," the big E performed "Doin' The Best I Can," another tune penned by Doc Pomus and  Mort Shuman, who I would assume have families that are very wealthy these days.

In 1968, Elvis was in "Speedway" with Nancy Sinatra and Beverly Hills.

In "Speedway" he performed "Let Yourself Go" which only made it to #71 on the Billboard Charts.

Back to 1958 and Elvis's fourth film "Kid Creole."

By my count, The King performed twelve songs in this film. This one was called "New Orleans."

In 1963 Elvis made a movie called "Fun In Acapulco" with Ursula Andress and Elsa Cárdenas.
The crazy song Elvis performed in this movie was called "Bossa Nova Baby" and was one of eleven songs in the film.

Not sure what all that "Fun In Acapulco" included, but the choreography on this song goes to a surreal other level!

Elvis starred in 31 movies, and that was only six of them, and his music is so enduring, it was been used in over 650 soundtracks over the years.
In fact, I liked "Boss Nova Baby" so much, I thought you should see it too!
Elvis really was The King of something, and it's hard to believe that he only lived to be 42 years old, but that's because he also had a dark side that also included a place

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Robert M. Lindsey said...

I love Elvis, and my wife grew up watching them, so we have started watching all of them we can find (slowly) and several are quite entertaining.

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