Monday, May 3, 2021

SPACE PATROL U. K. / "The Robot Revolution" - 1963

Here's an episode from the British version of SPACE PATROL that ran from 1963-68. The original US series ran from 1950-55, weird, so what's going on here?.. The original name is PLANET PATROL! Anyway, I digress. This has nothing to do with Gerry Anderson.

It starts with the Galasphere ship landing on Mars with our gang inside.

Time to relax from the trip and chat with old friends.

Captain Dart has just obtained a new singing and dancing plant from Uranus! His talking pet bird Gabbler is fascinated by the thing! Talking plant from Uranus...

Captain Raeburn and two crew members are there to check out the underwater farms beneath the sea with the help of over 1000 robots. They take their hover boards out to the location and swim in some awkward looking diving gear.

Then, there's an underwater earthquake and for some crazy reason the robots go haywire!

They conk people over the head and then take over the transit lines.

I just love this shot of that robot on a mission of mayhem.

Captain Dart monitors one of the rampaging robots attacking Marla, but what can he do, there are so many of them!

Gabbler is taking care of the plant from Uranus when one of the out of control robots enters the room. But when the plant starts singing and dancing, the robot just stops moving and falls right over!

Captain Dart gets a brilliant idear and records the plant from Uranus's singing and then plays it over all the loud speakers!

And sure enough, the robots eat their own dust.

After the ordeal, the gang relaxes and they chat it up again, another adventure in the books.

Giving some credit to the men behind the scenes. Have a good week guys.

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Secret Squirrel said...

Actually, there is a link to Gerry Anderson in that Roberta Leigh (creator and writer of the show) had previously worked for Gerry on "Torchy The Battery Boy".

I've loved this show since it was first screened here in Australia around 1963 (so much so that I own it on blu-ray). I always loved Fred Judd's electronic sounds and music.

I highly recommend that you watch episode two of the first season "The Wandering Asteroid". Could it be that Hollywood stole the plot for the movie "Armegeddon"?

cheers from Oz!


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