Monday, May 10, 2021

TALES OF TOMORROW / "Verdict From Space" - 1951

This is the very first  episode from this wild series. In the story, Gordon Kent is on trial for the murder of a scientist while visiting a cave thought to have alien machinery hidden behind a locked door. Gordon tries to explain to the judge and jury what they found inside the cave, and the implications it might have for future of mankind. It stars Lon (YANKEE DOODLE DANDY) McCallister and Martin (JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG) Brandt.

The prosecutor asks Gordon about his involvement in the death of Professor Sykes and presumably the $5000 Gordon had in his possession was also stolen from the scientist. The prosecutor has grilled him incessantly and now it's time for the jury to deliberate their decision. His defense attorney (a real freaking A-Hole) leaves the courtroom, oh and, good luck there!

Here's the notes his attorney was taking during the prosecution!

Here's Gordon's special blowtorch gun that's part of the story...

Now we flashback as Gordon recounts the events of that evening. We are now in his workshop, he's ready to go to bed when there's an intrusion...

A Professor Sykes demands some of Gordon's time, and he's there because of his blowtorch gun, but Gordon wants him to leave!

After listening to the Professor's spiel, Gordon agrees to help after he's paid $5000 for his participation in opening a door to a room full of alien machinery!

They find the cave but haven't found any door. Gordon's starting to wonder if the Professor has flipped his lid.

Lo and behold, there's the door, Gordon then uses his torch on the lock.

They discover that the aliens have been monitoring Earth for the last million yeas, and the current timeline denotes a sudden concern by the aliens over the use of nuclear weapons and their destructive powers...

They think one piece of hardware is a communication device, and as they surmise its use the place starts to fall apart and the cavern space is beginning to cave in.

Gordon makes it out okay but the Professor gets conked on the head by a falling rock.

Live TV... The makeup artist only had a few seconds to create this effect, looks like they used a spatula on his face! Anyway, he dies after he tells Gordon that he must warn everyone about the potential invasion...

And like today, try and tell the truth and have brick-head people believe it. He's found guilty.

And just as Gordon's being sentenced, there are some tremendous sounds coming from above.

It's an attack by the aliens and the noise is their thundering spaceships, Gordon kneels on a chair as the others watch in horror.

The screen goes black and all you can hear are the alien ships attacking, and it is so cool!! This is a great episode, catch it if you can!

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