Friday, May 28, 2021

ULTRAMAN / "Terror On Route 87" - 1966

In this episode, a giant bird-monster is attacking motorists on Route 87 in the mountains near Omuro Park. The Science Patrol guys go out to investigate what seems to have some supernatural link to it's mystery.

Science Patrollers take the easy way up the hill to the park.

A guard who saw a luminous glow from the mountain top describes all the details of what took place that night.

It looks like this place is for real, that's one Hell of a monument there! The statue is of the supernatural bird named "Hydra."

And in the museum at the park there's a painting of the creature that seems to be what drivers saw, yes, Hydra!

That night all Hell breaks loose, Hydra emerges from inside the mountain overlooking the park!

The Science Patrol guys fire away at the giant bird...

But all that does is piss it off!!

The next day Hydra is up to its old tricks, attacking the motorists on Route 87 for some unknown reason.

The monster seems most interested in destroying trucks!

Hayata has crashed in his plane but gets away from the crowd to change into Ultraman, and boy, just in the nick of time!

So, the two tussle around for a while, like this hand to hand combat here. Ultraman is giving Hydra the old Three Stooges nose pull...

Our hero resorts to his most lethal attack, but the big bird just keeps coming.

Then, Hydra heads off into the sky, with a transparent child on its back.

Fuji communicates with Ultraman to let him know that Hydra is the protector of children that have been run over by cars on Route 87. Ultraman ceases fire and watches as the giant bird flies off into the sky with the child on its back.

Hydra reminds us of how important it is to take care of our children!

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Randall Landers said...

All right, I have to admit that I liked this one, especially as a child growing up in Atlanta. Ultraman was not just a cold-blooded executioner of kaiju, and not all kaiju were evil. Some were vengeful, like Hydra, and some were just misunderstood. :)

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