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LIGHTS OUT / "The Faceless Man" - 1951

In this above average production, Francis Carvel goes to a plastic surgeon to get a new face after years of ugliness. Now handsome, he returns to a French inn where the owner's daughter had spurned his affection a year earlier. But complicating matters is his new travelling companion, a disfigured man in bandages that seems to know everything about him...

It stars Robert Sterling as Francis Carvel, Ted Hecht as the mysterious Man, Patricia Reardon as Laure, Louis Sorin as the Inn Keeper and Laure's father and Gregory Morton as the Doctor.

The story starts with Francis ready to have his bandages removed after his plastic surgery.

Francis likes what he sees!

Here's a photo of him before the plastic surgery as a reminder of what he used to look like, pretty amazing what they could do way back in 1951...

The doctor has another photo of Francis for his files. Francis wants that one too, but the doc says.. No! And he recommends that Francis see a psychotherapist to explore what makes him such an unpleasant person to be around.

When the doctor has his back turned, Francis grabs a scalpel off a tray and goes to town on him! For some reason, Francis doesn't want anyone to know anything about him.

As he's leaving the doctor's office, Francis comes face to face with a disfigured man in bandages that seems to know many things about him. After holding a short conversation with Francis, the man leaves after Francis asks ... Do I know you?

Francis checks in at the French Inn where he stayed in the past. And where the Inn Keeper's daughter there, Laure, had spurned his advances.

Laure has a creepy feeling about the man, he reminds her of that despicable person that used to stay there. But pops says she's being silly.

Francis goes up to his room and guess who's waiting there for him!

Francis tells the man to remove his mask! The man replies... You wouldn't like what you see! Francis is a little afraid of the guy some decides to just ignore him.

He has more important things to do, like asking Laure to marry him! He gives her a necklace he stole from the doctor to seal the deal, and goes back to his room to wait for her decision...

But when Laure opens the box, a strangler's cord is found there, not a necklace!

Back at the ranch, the masked man is spouting all kinds of accusations towards Francis including the fact that he's also a murdering strangler!!

There's a loud knock on the door and Laure's dad wants to know what the Hell's going on, giving his daughter a strangler's cord!! Francis tells him to come back after he figures out what happened with the necklace.

Francis is beside himself, he snatches the mask off the man and lo and behold, it's him, Francis, before he got the plastic surgery!

Freaking out, Francis backs toward the open window, grabs the curtain cord and falls through!

Laure and dad rush outside to see the curtain cord wrapped around his hands, then dad notices something else...

It's the disfigured man that used to stay at the Inn!! What a wild ride!

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