Friday, December 25, 2020

THE CAPTAIN AND THE KIDS In "The Captain's Christmas" - 1938

Like, here's our Xmas present for you... This cartoon from MGM is special in a few ways. It 's directed by Friz Freleng, Joseph Barbera and Rudolph Dirks were the writers, and had the voices of Mel Blanc as John Silver and Billy Bletcher as The Captain. As I was looking at their acting credits I noticed that Billy had 474 which is pretty good, then I looked at Mel's credits and almost fainted! He has an unbelievable 1,160 credits, AND, many of his credits were a TV series with multiple episodes like THE JETSONS. He is a Super-Duper Dungeon Hero!!

So, John Silver and his pals catch the Captain dressed up as Santa, ready to take a bag of toys down their chimney for the Kids. But, John decides that he would make a much better Santa than the Captain and trades places with him...

John comes down the chimney with a bang and is dazed from the drop.

The Kids are filled with happiness and start playing with their new toys!

With John though, well, he's just a little too happy! I mean, he has a flintlock that he keeps firing off on top of his wild antics.

And, he ends up destroying all the toys in his drunken-like portrayal of Santa.

Of all things, John's conscience appears and berates the Hell out of him. He wants to know what to do and the little guy whispers something in his ear. John responds, I'll do it!!

The plan is to go into town and cause a disturbance...

So, John and his crew start loudly singing silly songs and do a bunch of absurd acting to basically make all the people in town start throwing things at them so they'll SHUT UP! But, John and the crew just crank it up!

Looks like all the dads are dressed up as Santa for their kids too!

Anyway, the people run out of items to throw and start tossing out their kids' toys!! Once the sleigh is overflowing with presents, John heads back to the Captain's house.

He drops all the presents down the chimney and the Kids get a bonanza of toys to play with, OMG, what a glorious Christmas!

Now wait a minute! The plan was, not to pay them back for breaking their toys, but, to make such a disturbance that you get all those toys just for being total jerks?!

Anyway, Happy Holidays to ALL, from the Guys at The Dungeon!!..


KD said...

To the Dungeon Masters, EEGAH!! and TABONGA!

Thank you, fine sirs, for such a FUN website to visit, this and every year! You helped to put a big smile on this guy's face every year, and every day, since I found your site a few years ago! Gives me a lot to think about, and to laugh with, too! Also, to my fellow visitors who come here like I do, to get away from stuff, and to find something to smile about in the Dungeon!

Many Thanks and Cheers!


TABONGA! said...

Hey K, thanks, I checked and we have almost 9000 comments left by our viewers, that's amazing and we appreciate it a lot. It adds depth to our reviews and that's a bonus for us, here at The Dungeon!!..

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