Wednesday, December 9, 2020

CORRUPTION - "This Is Not A Woman's Film" (1968)

Tonight's Weird Wednesday presentation is called "Corruption." An equally descriptive title would be "What A Bunch Of Freakin' Weirdos."
I'm pretty sure the woman with four eyes makes this the weirdest poster I've seen lately!

"Corruption" is a movie about a couple whose lives get off track and they quickly descend into a cesspool of feces.
Peter Cushing is renown surgeon Sir John Rowan. 
He's doing a fairly good impression of me watching movies on this computer night after night!

Sir John's fiancé is a beautiful model named Lynn Nolan as played by Sue Lloyd, who we just saw recently in "The Baron," as Cordelia Winfield.
It's a real Arty Farty Party that Lynn has dragged Sir John to!
This dude is like a human canvas.

Sir John is a very serious professional, and this isn't his bag at all.

Lynn's photographer asks her to pose for a live impromptu  shoot at the party.

Sir John doesn't like it when the photographer asks Lynn to partially disrobe, and they get into a pushing contest, and the next thing you know..................

...................One of the big bright lights gets knocked over and smacks Lynn right in the kisser!

As you can see, the guests are horribly dismayed!

Lynn gets a very nasty burn on the pretty face that her whole career is based on, and will be disfigured for life.

She's pretty distressed by the whole situation!

Sir John decides to devote his life to finding a way to make Lynn beautiful again, and after scouring for weeks through a myriad of books, he thinks he has found a solution. The only thing he needs is this pituitary glad that he illegally removes from some hapless corpse in the morgue.
Obviously, the artist who did the poster did not know in what part of the body the pituitary gland was located since he's cutting into her stomach.

This colourful laser machine will play a big part in the story!

The operation is a success, and Lynn is returned to her original beauty, but there's one small problem. Because the gland came out of a dead body, the results only last for a few days, and that's where the rub comes into play. Now Sir John has to get a live pituitary gland, and that's going involve breaking some laws.

Sir John struggles with the fact that he was sworn to saving lives, not taking them, but his love for Lynn is so strong, he has no other choice, so he takes a trip to visit a prostitute whose room is full of strange dolls!

Maybe he was doing her a favor!

After the second successful operation, Sir John and Lynn decide it's time that they take a little vacation, and then the effects start wearing off again, and now it's also starting to affect Lynn's mental state.

So Sir John has to go out and do it all again. This time a stranger on a train is the unlucky victim!
Strange lens! Look at the size of Peter's arm!

Sir John is no longer a happy camper. This is not the gig he signed up for, so it's kind of a race to see who completely loses it first, him or Lynn!

In the meantime, this group of hooligans show up looking for their gal pal that had been staying with Sir John and Lynn, but got a little freaked out when she found a woman's head in the freezer, and they had to kill her too.

There's a big scuffle and the laser machine gets turned on and goes wild and crazy and it's like the perfect ending! Everyone dies!
It could have even happened an hour sooner, and I would have been fine with that too!


KD said...

VERY weird poster, indeedy! (As a kid, I would have been terribly disappointed there was no literal "four-eyed lady" in the movie!)

Randall Landers said...

I've seen this one a couple of times, trying to figure out what the heck they were thinking. There's an old SNL sketch about a show where they slap the guest stars (such as Shelly Long from CHEERS), saying "You quit CHEERS. YOU QUIT CHEERS!" demanding "What were you thinking?" and IIRC slapping them. That's how I feel about this one. You have Peter Freakin' Cushing, and you did THIS? SLAP What were you thinking?

One of the worst things I've ever seen Cushing do. :(

EEGAH!! said...

Have to agree Randall, it was just hard to come right out and say it, but Yeah, what the Hell were they thinking?

Randall Landers said...

Yeah, it's probably got good production values, a good cast, the great Peter Cushing, but man...

KD said... has a cool '60s sci-fi style control panel with colorful buttons and dials! <-- What my amateur sci-fi kid filmmaker would have said.

Randall Landers said...

LOL Including the one that says MOTOR ON, as compared to the ones that sat 1, 2, 3 and 4. :)

What I wouldn't have given to have had Mister Cushing in one of my films!

KD said...

Ah, memories! :)

The only celebrity type I had in one of my short Super 8 Sound films was cult b-movie actress Katherine Victor, star of THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN, TEENAGE ZOMBIES, and CAPE CANAVERAL MONSTERS. She was a real sweetheart.

KD said...

BTW, what happened to your film website, Randall? I'm not sure if I ever got to see your films, other than one short that I ran across (on Vimeo?).

Randall Landers said...

Our biggest "guest star" was Jason Carter, but several of the cast and crew have appeared in various films and TV shows, notably Jeffrey Green.

Our films can be viewed on Youtube on the Potemkin1711 channel. There's nearly a hundred of them now.

Quick question for you, KD, Eegah and Tabonga: Tell us about the Scott Brady classic "Destination: Inner Space" with Mike Road! I just found it on YouTube the other day, and I really would love some insights into it!

EEGAH!! said...

This is all I've got!

KD said...

Wow, thanks Randall! :)

Re: DESTINATION INNER SPACE info, Mr. Pierce gave me a chuckle telling me that Scott Brady had a hard time squeezing into his wetsuit! Another comment he made was that some of Sheree North's scenes had to be cut, because of her physical shakes or "tremors" which are noticeable in her films from the '60s on.

The "amphibian" suit was created by Richard Cassarino, who also made the HIDEOUS SUN DEMON suit for that film. But Pierce's original sketches for the "amphibian" (which I saw when visiting him almost 40 years ago) showed a slimmer, more humanoid being, rather than bein so "fat and floppy" as he described it. And producer Earle Lyon actually tried to rent the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON suit from Universal, but no dice on that idea!

Pierce did a lot more on his films than write the screenplays and/or direct, he designed practically the whole look for the sci-fi films for producer Earle Lyon, who was mainly experienced at making westerns ("horse operas") both theatrically and for television (e.g. the TALES OF WELLS FARGO series).

KD said...

PS: I should also add that Arthur C. Pierce was NOT a fan of "monster films" and he didn't like working on films about or involving monsters. He was a decorated WWII Navy veteran, primarily a still and motion picture photographer in the Pacific War, and he was a science buff, so whenever possible, he read a lot of science books and magazines, and preferred to base his screenplays on science (or future science) concepts. He just didn't care for "monster" films and avoided them like the plague, which is why his version of the "amphibian" was meant to look more man-like. I wish I had one of his sketches!

KD said...

Randall! I have to tip my hat to you for the number of films you've made, and the terrific technical work on the video clips I watched! The sets, costumes, photography, and CGI are way beyond anything I've ever done! Congrats, friend! :D

Randall Landers said...

Thanks, Eegah and KD! I love the insights! Read your original article with much interest! Is the music the same from Angry Red Planet as well? Or just a similar instrument?

And thanks, KD, for the kind words about our fan films.

EEGAH!! said...

That was Tabonga's original post, so I'd have to go back and listen myself, but I will say that the lawyers for the owners of the rights to Paul Dunlap's music are the reason we quit doing sound clips, and almost deleted this blog, years ago.

KD said...

EEGAH: I had a friend (RIP, Charles) who was friends with the also late Paul Dunlap, and Mr. Dunlap felt that his filmscores were a waste of time, and tossed everything out, including (apparently) his sheet music and original discs/tapes! My friend would talk to Dunlap on the phone from time to time.

Randall: Regarding DESTINATION INNER SPACE, yep, it's the same music from ANGRY RED PLANET, also by Paul Dunlap.

When you see the film I've been developing for the past several years, it will look very simple, since I have a cast of five (or less), and it's all being shot on existing interior and exterior (desert) locations. I am the whole crew, so not a chance I can build sets like I used to do. Besides, I have to walk with a cane now. My budget will total around $3,000, and most of that is for the computer for editing, a decent HD camcorder (not 4K), and editing software. Add about $500 for food and similar expenses during shooting. Of course I also have to wait until the pandemic is less of a problem before we can get together and shoot this thing, too.

Randall Landers said...

Thanks again, guys! And looking forward to your film KD!

KD said...

Randall: My film will be a real threadbare affair, black and white, no special effects, few characters, but lots of dialogue drama and weird camera angles, lol. I hope you enjoy it, at least a little, because I value your opinion, my friend!

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