Wednesday, December 23, 2020

TRAPPED IN PARADISE - "Ain't It The Truth" (1994)

My last Christmas feature of this terrific year has a title that I think we can all identify with, "Trapped In Paradise." I don't watch newer modern movies much, then I realized that this movie is 26 years old! So welcome to a Dungeon Warm Walnuts in Wonderland Wednesday!
Seriously, I don't know what to say about "Trapped In Paradise." I kind of liked it, sort of. It's not exactly great, and it's not really horrible, so I guess it's okay, and I can tell you one thing for sure, it is definitely a Christmas movie!

Christmas days and nights of futures past.

"Trapped In Paradise" stars Nicholas Cage as small time con man Bill Firpo who is seriously trying to go legit.

The problem is that Bill Firpo has two completely worthless idiot brothers who are just getting released from jail right before Christmas. The brothers are none other than Dana Carvey as Alvin Firpo, and Jon Lovitz as Dave Firpo.

Let's all share a pensive holiday moment together!

Tabonga used to have a copy of this issue of "Weekly World News," but I think he sold it on eBay.

Alvin Firpo has a serious problem with kleptomania, and he'll steal almost anything.

Now is this a festive scene or what?

Bill Firpo gets sucked into robbing a small town bank with his idiot brothers, and everything goes to Hell from there.

After a number of calamities, they try to get away by hitchhiking and are picked up and taken to Paradise.

They are taken in and given dry clothes and fed by a wonderful family, and the gracious Father of the family just happens to be the President of the bank they just robbed. Bill's starting to feel a lot of guilt! They had masks on, so he doesn't recognize them, but they sure recognize him!

I just love this shot of the "Tick Tock Diner."

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

Looks like a shot from an Agatha Christie Christmas novel.

Bill's love interest is Mädchen Amick who was Shelly Johnson and Shelly Briggs in both the "Twin Peaks series. I love her because although she was born in Nevada, she has an umlaut in her name which literally means Girl in German.

The rest of the movie is about the brothers trying to escape, and being treated oh so nice by all the people they stole from, and Bill finally decides they need to try and return the money.
The trio of misfits return the money, and even though everybody knows they are guilty as Hell, they don't have any real proof, and all is forgiven.
After all, it is Christmas time!

The moral of the story is that even if you're a complete jackass, if you turn your life around, and truly mean it, then "All Roads Are Open" to you!
Ho, Ho, Ho!!!


KD said...

This movie looks crazy! The running time is a bit long for a dumb-ish comedy film, almost two hours long (!), but it sounds pretty amusing. Love the sign on the diner, for sure!

I'm watching a DVD collection of old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons tonight. *urp*

Hope everbloody is having a good evening! Lots of deafening firework BOOMS being set off around here. ("Hey, dummies! It's Xmas Eve, not the flippin' 4th of July!") And folks wonder why I want to move the hell outta this city! Any excuse to set off fireworks, shoot guns in the air, and drag race through the neighborhoods. :P

KD said...

I sincerely hope everyone is having/had a great Christmas day! Cheers, KD :)

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