Monday, December 7, 2020


In today's wild tale, a scientist is working on a neutron bomb, but it isn't exactly a bomb, it releases a smoke that MELTS people!! I'm pretty sure that Toho's THE H-MAN has something to do with the idea behind this weird story... This is the very first feature starring Neutron.

It stars Wolf Ruvinskis as Neutron and Detective Carlos Marquez, Armando (SANTO vs. THE ZOMBIES) Silvestre, Claudio (THE BITCH WANTS BLOOD, SANTO IN THE WAX MUSEUM) Brook and Julio (ADVENTURES OF THE BLACK WHIP) Aleman.

Well, it looks like the crazy Dr. Caronte is at the top of the detectives' list of criminals to keep an eye out for. He looks pretty damn cool though you have to admit.

Here's Professor Mendez showing his latest invention, a neutron 'bomb,' to his assistant, Professor Walker. Love those spikes on the device!

But, Walker has other ideas. He brings in a gunman and has him shoot Professor Mendez, and after that, Walker shoots the gunman!! 

Before Professor Mendez finally collapses, he drops the device and a big plume of smoke comes out and fills the room.

Walker is on the phone with I think, Caronte, making some kind of deal with the bomb, when, he realizes he's starting to melt!

When the detectives show up, they find their friend Professor Mendez looking like one of the victims in THE H-MAN! And, they only find Walker's clothes, no remains of the body.

Of course Walker shows up at Caronte's bizarro establishment with a piece of the bomb in tow. Caronte was expecting the whole thing and threatens Walker by attempting to force him into the pit with his zombies, but at the last second, he let's the disfigured Walker off the hook because he'll need him in future capers.

Everything about this still is freaking awesome!

In the meantime, the Caronte Crew has kidnapped Neutron's pal and they turn him into a bad Neutron to go up against the real deal.

Okay, here's Neutron 2. I mean, like, what the Hell man!! Only in a Mexican horror flick!

But, I like it!

Then, everything goes haywire after Neutron shows up at Caronte's nuthouse. Walker gets it from one of the brute zombies and he's outta there!

As Neutron battles Caronte's goons, Nora and another Professor take the bomb and run to a safe place, even though the guy nearly ignites the thing after falling down!

Nora, the Professor, Neutron and his pal all hide in a room with protective gear that they put on for some reason... Or, you'd already know if you spoke Spanish.

Right! They toss the smoking bomb into the hall full of zombies and the evil Caronte, who also gets caught in the fog of death!

After the good guys leave the room, they pass by what used to be Doctor Caronte!

Weird, he comes back in other Neutron adventures!

Also weird is the fact that Neutron takes his mask off, revealing Carlos, the real Neutron, and in all the other Neutron movies no one knows his identity. Either they didn't think they'd be a follow up feature or Carlos tells them that he was just helping out Neutron, who's home in bed with a cold! We're back with more stocking stuffers on Wednesday, later!..

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Mmmmm...moody black and white! Love that look!

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