Friday, December 18, 2020

POPEYE THE SAILOR In "Seasin's Greetinks!" - 1933

So, like, Seasin's Greetinks! Today we gots a Popeye cartoon from 1933, William Costello was the original voice of Popeye (1933-6) and Bonnie Poe is the original voice of Olive, and of course was the voice of Betty Boop. Her last credit was in 1938.

Popeye brings Olive her Christmas present, a new pair of ice skates...

After Olive slips and slides all over the ice, Popeye helps her feel more comfortable by holding her in place, and he let's her go...

Right into the hooks of big old burly Bluto! Husky voiced William Pennell was the voice of Bluto from 1933-43.

Olive shows him what she thinks of his advances!!

And Popeye puts the icing on the cake!

Olive falls through the ice and Popeye pulls her out...

Her bottom has a chunk of ice on it and Popeye thinks it's freaking hilarious!

Olive ends up sliding on the snow, away from Popeye, thinking, who needs him!

She ends up on the edge of the ice at a waterfall when Bluto comes by and starts cutting it, all because Olive still thinks he's a stinker!

Popeye, skating, has made a heart with an arrow through it to make up with Olive when he hears her crying out for him!

But first he has to get Bluto out of his hair.

Olive barely gets back on top of the ice and stretches over to Popeye on the cliff's edge! Man, that's one heck of a stretch, you gotta admit.

Bluto rolls up a big ball of snow and pushes it down the hill aimed at Popeye and Olive. Unfortunately, he slips and ends up in the ball as it rolls.

Sensing danger, Popeye pulls out his can of spinach, breakfast of champions!

This time, Popeye hits Bluto so hard...

The stars he's seeing from the punch decorate the tree and it's a happy ending for that crazy couple! Tune in again tomorrow for more, here at The Dungeon!!..

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KD said...

It's wonderful as an adult now to recognize the great artistry and imagination in these old cartoons! I had a Popeye doll when I was a kiddo, he was one of my big heroes on the "teevee"...but I still never touched any spinach! lol ;)

Thanks for the memories!

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