Monday, December 21, 2020

CARTUNE CLASSICS / "Toyland Premiere" - 1934

Here's an Oswald The Rabbit color cartoon from Universal Studios. Santa must prepare for a parade and reception given by Oswald. Tex Avery does the voice of Santa!

So, Santa gets a telegram from Oswald saying for him to come on to NY, everything's ready for the celebration!

The jolly old guy opens up the box where he stores his Xmas costume and a ton of moths fly out, tickling his nose. 

His costume ist kaput and he's devastated by the fact that he can't go to the celebration. In the meantime the elves color his clothes with red paint, then string corn kernels together for his trim and light them. They all pop (finishing the look) and Santa can now make the event. Way to go little elves!

So, it's time to hit the sky, Santa's followed by a long line of giant rubber balloon characters and a bunch of elves to hold down the balloons for the parade.

The parade's over and Oswald greets Santa at a large department store.

A number of stars show up to wish Santa well. Here's Tarzan with his real wife, the Mexican Spitfire, Lupe Valez!

Laurel and Hardy are there!

There's Frankenstein's Monster and Mammy's Al Jolson. Also there are Shirley Temple and Bing Crosby.

When Ollie tries to pick a cherry off of the chocolate cake, the mean old monster chases the two funny guys away from the table.

Stan and Ollie end up running into the costume department. Low and behold, there's a dragon costume and they come up with a plan to get the cake.

After a 'dragon' scares all the guests away from the table, Santa toots out a call to arms on a horn and all the toys join together to wage war on the intruder!

The toy airplanes attack, exposing Stan and Ollie in the costume.

These army guys shoot their little machine gun mounted on a roller skate!

Santa gets in the act and launches a few pies for good measure.

Little Indians use a woman's corset to shoot bunches of arrows at the screaming fake dragon as it tries to get away from its attackers.

Stan and Ollie surrender and the party continues.

After such a terrific time, Santa cannot control his Christmas joy! So, like, check back Wednesday as we close in on Xmas Day, here at the Dungeon!!..

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KD said...

The IMDb says it was directed (uncredited!) by Walter Lantz(! again), and filmed in "two-strip" Technicolor!? I was wondering why the color palette looks a Anyway, it looks like great fun! Thanks!

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