Monday, December 14, 2020

MERRIE MELODIES / "Gift Wrapped" - 1951

I actually found a Christmas cartoon in my Looney Tunes Golden collection, so here we go with another classic WB story written by Warren Foster and directed by Friz Freleng.

What a nice memory of times past (I was 3 in 1951) when things were nice and simple, but had so much more damn meaning than the totally screwed up place we have now...

It's Christmas Eve and Sylvester is beside himself in joy, expecting some terrific gift and all, he's been such a good kitty you know!

But, he finds his gift, joyfully unwraps it, and it's a lousy rubber mouse!

So, he goes over to Granny's large package to get a peek inside...

Sylvester is soooo sly and sneaky by changing names on the packages that he thinks he'll actually get away with it.

Granny opens her present, wait a minute, what the, this must be for Sylvester!

After Sylvester has already gulped Tweety down once, Granny demands that he makes up with the little boidie with a kiss under some mistletoe. So, Granny has to pound Tweety out of Sylvester yet again.

So, Granny hangs Tweety's cage on the ceiling so that Sylvester can't get to him! The wily cat has an answer for everything, but when Tweety tells Sylvester that the big present under the tree is for him...

He runs over to the tree, quickly unwraps the box and gets a big surprise!

And Granny then has to pound the dog to get Sylvester out!!

Sylvester cuts a hole in the ceiling and lowers a hook down to pull the cage up to him. Well, you get the picture.

This time Sylvester lets Tweety shoot him in the face with his little pop gun!

Tweety's riding on the toy train so Sylvester figures out a way to get the little bird back into his stomach.

But the dog gulps down Sylvester and Granny has double duty until she gets things straightened out a bit...

Granny has it all under control now. She has them all sing a Christmas carol along with her as she plays the organ.

Well, that's one way to solve a problem!.. Tune in again on Wednesday when the Dungeon Dudes are back with another post, just for you!.. Oh, and that guy over there!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Classic. Sylvester was like Wile E. Coyote, in his pursuit of a bird. But Wile didn't have to also deal with Granny!

TABONGA! said...

Joe - That's a great point you make about Granny, but now that I think about it, Acme kinda fills that void for old Wile E.

KD said...

Every time I see pics from Looney Tunes, it reminds me of how much I loved them (especially as a kiddo)! I think the one favorite scene I recall is Foghorn Leghorn spanking the hell out of the dog's butt at the doghouse! I know, sounds mean, but it's my biggest yuk! Always loved Foghorn Leghorn messing with the dog, and the Road Runner messing with Wile E. Coyote!

Sounds mean I know, but I'm really a nice guy! (Really, I am!) Snort, heh-heh!

But oh...that old Granny! ROFL! ;)

KD said...

I need to break down and buy some Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, especially the one (or ones) where he picks up the dog by the tail and spanks the living tar out of him! I know it's awful, but it's also funny as hell!

KD said...

Okay, I'm still yappin' my trap, but...I found a FOGHORN LEGHORN collection on DVD on Amazon, and ordered it ASAP! I know what I'll be watching real soon!

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