Monday, December 28, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES In "All The World's A Stooge" - 1941

So, I started December with the Stooges, and for my last post of 2020, I thought how appropriate it would be to end this screwed up year with "All The World's A Stooge" because for me, that basically sums up the whole damn world as we know it at this time!

The story starts with Ajax Bullion and his wifey, Lotta, at the breakfast table. He has a horrible toothache and Lotta tells him that she wants to adopt some refugee children to have around the house! Well, that's just what Ajax wanted to hear. After a disastrous breakfast, he heads to the dentist's office.

In the meantime, the gang are washing windows at an office building. Curly has fallen through an open window at the dentist's office and Moe has to assist him back to the scaffold.

Ready to start his day, the dentist comes into the office only to have a bucket of water thrown in his face! He orders the boys to get the Hell inside and clean up the mess they made. He leaves to change his clothes and says that if they're not done when returns, he'll mop up the floor with THEM!!

Of course Ajax shows up, he's in so much pain that he doesn't even notice it's not his dentist! Curly asks Larry what 'anesthetic' means as Moe looks for some, and Larry says, he needs to be knocked out, which Curly does... With a mallet!

After pulling out Ajax's retainer, they need to glue it back in, but, the glue has hardened and so they have to come up with a plan... Man, that's a lot of glue!

The dentist has gone to the owner of the building demanding that he fire the boys. They hear a commotion in the office and rush in.

And, here's what they see!

After the explosion, the dentist and owner want to know if he's alright. Ajax feels his face, gets a big smile and says.. I've never felt better, send me a bill, and he leaves.

Ajax goes to his car and finds the Stooges hiding in the back. He asks them what they're doing and they say that they are refugees. That gives Ajax an idea...

He gets the boys some children's duds and takes them home to Lotta. The deal is though, they have to act like children in order to stay there! Check out Larry!

So, the guys and the butler are playing dice in their room, the butler keeps losing and is having to use his clothes as collateral. Notice, Moe's smoking a cigar...

Lotta comes in and sits down on Moe's lit cigar that he laid on the seat. After she catches herself on fire, Ajax hears the commotion and comes in just when one of the boys tosses a pail of water that misses Lotta by a mile! Ajax immediately retreats.

Still smoking, they roll Lotta up in a rug, stand her up and then pour water on her head!

The next day, Curly has caught a cold by sleeping with his feet out the window, and has to put salve on his chest before going to the party in the living room. You see where this is going.

Curly recites a poem for all the guests and tries to run out of the room (like a child) and runs into the wall and gets knocked backwards into this lady's lap. 

After Curly, who's stinking up the whole place, refuses to get up and do something else, he gets that pin in his backside! He hops up and goes to a different location.

Ajax has had it with his little experiment, and he's on the warpath! He tosses that ax at them, he's definitely out for blood!

Moe returns the favor and Ajax gets a face full of pie! He's already received a face full of spinach at dinner earlier.

The boys run across the yard and hide behind a big tree. Ajax tosses the ax again, splitting the tree in half and the Stooges keep on running. Well, have a Happy Newk Year, from us, here at The Dungeon!!..

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KD said...

These guys are always great! :D

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