Friday, December 4, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES In "Ants In The Pantry" - 1936

I thought that the Stooges would be a nice way to start December with, so, here's a fun one that always tickles my funny bone, and it should tickle yours too!..

We start here at the Lightning Pest Control Company, It's run by A. Mouser, where his secretary brings in a bundle of mail. He asks her if there were any checks and she says no, only bills!

In the back room the boys are into a game of poker. Moe tells Curly to cut the cards and the knucklehead obliges by using a meat cleaver!

Moe throws some of the damaged cards at Curly, who ducks out of the way, and they hit the boss right in the face when he enters the room!

Enough is enough!! He brings the boys into his office and tells them, you're fired, you guys are the worst exterminators in the world! Moe begs him for one more chance and Mouser gives in. Moe says that they can't find any pests, so, the boss tells them to infest a place before they show up there as exterminators. Moe tells him he's a genius!!

The boys use their ninja skills to sneak into a ritzy mansion where a party's going on.

Their suitcase is full of little pests to disseminate in the place, including mice, moths, ants and even bed bugs!

When Mrs. Burlap goes to show her friend her new fur coat, moths have already made holes in it and is basically destroyed!

The boys are hiding under the bed. Curly sprinkles ants on Mrs. Burlap and her friend before another woman comes in and takes them back to the party downstairs. As they walk with her, the women scratch themselves furiously. 

The Stooges show up at the front door and announce themselves as exterminators and if the owners could use their service. The butler gladly lets them inside to see Mrs. Burlap. The first thing she asks after getting a look at the boys is... What are those?!

Embarrassed with the whole situation, she says that they're hired, but, they have to dress up as party goers so that the real guests don't know that there are exterminators at work in the house.

When one guest gets a mouse down his shirt and starts contorting in a wild fashion, the boys join in and turn it into a new dance! Hey... Do The Mouse!!

Larry's looking through their suitcase and pulls out some cheese. He asks Curly if he'd like some, and he says, sure! After a moment, Larry asks Curly if he feels okay. Curly says, I've never felt better in my life! Larry then says, that's what I thought, I didn't put enough rat poison in the cheese!!

The cats they brought (to chase the mice) follow a mouse into the piano and ruin Professor Repulso's musical routine! Moe tells Larry to get into the piano and get those darn cats outta there!

The cats jump out but Larry's stuck. After Curly knocks the piano over on Moe, he still can't get Larry out, and Moe pays for it.

The whole time, the guests are either in shock of or laughing at the Stooges' antics.

Mrs. Burlap's friend comes up with a novel way of  explaining the situation... She blurts out, so, what do you all think of the comedians we've hired for the party! They all start laughing and she's asked, where did you find them? And she replies, I saw them on Vaudeville!

The party's over and it's time for the fox hunt. Curly's on a donkey, Moe's on an old glue factory swayback horse and Larry's got a girl's bicycle.

Somehow, Curly has a stuffed up nose and bags a skunk because he can't smell.

But, boy howdy, Moe and Larry certainly can!! Eegah's here tomorrow with something for us that should be special, see ya then!

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KD said...

Oh, this is a goodie! Thanks, G! :)

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