Saturday, December 5, 2020


We don't have a "Dungeon Hall Of Fame," but once in a while we will call somebody a Dungeon Hero because we really like them for whatever reason. There is no list, and we've actually never even discussed it between the two of us because we don't need to. I did a search of our site for "Dungeon Hero" and I came up with 47 different names, so I'm going to start with a list in no particular order, of six guys I call some of the..........
"Unsung Heroes of The Dungeon."
First up is John Hoyt, and I never knew until I started writing this, that an alternate title for "Attack Of The Puppet People" was "Six Inches Tall." In the tube is another Dungeon Hero, John Agar!

I also never knew John was such a stud! 

"Attack Of The Puppet People" was just about as good as it got for 1958!
John as The Puppeteer was kind of like Joe Biden, seems nice, but creepy!

Next up is one of our favourite bad guys, Milton Reid! Before his acting career, Milton was a professional wrassler known as "Mighty Chang!" It really is cool how many wrasslers and boxers have gone on to be actors! That's gotta be the toughest way to break into the business, but it still works to this day!

No credits on the poster, but at least they used his image!

Wow! Milton gets a cutting torch to the face in this poster for "Mission Desperate."

Gil Perkins is our next Unsung Hero!

What could be better than a 51 year old dude playing a "Teenage Monster?"

Gil Perkins has played a "Teenage Monster" and a guy named "Cauliflower," you got something better than that?

This is from just one of the many amazing "Batman" TV shows!

This 30 minute episode titled "Ring Around The Riddler" included Yvonne Craig as Batgirl....

...........And  also featured the amazing Joan Collins as "The Siren," but I digress.

Anthony Eisley is one of the most unappreciated actors of all time, and his work in "The Mighty Gorga," or "The Mummy And The Curse Of The Jackals" should attest to that! That's Anthony with the mustache as Tracy Steele on "Hawaiian Eye!"

And if that's not enough proof, there's always the immaculate reception also known as "Dracula Vs. Frankenstein!"

Jeff Morrow should be a common household name like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood for his contributions to cinema, but unfortunately he's not!

I couldn't pick between these two international posters for "The Creature Walks Among Us," they're both so insane! Look at how big the creature is in this bottom poster, and how about those hawk feet?

"This Island Earth" came out in 1955. It was so far ahead of it's time and Jeff Morrow was a big part of it! What a krazy action packed poster!

The last guy on this list is Jake LaMotta who only has one movie we've ever written about here called "Confessions Of A Psycho Cat," but that's not the reason he's on this list! Jake actually has 18 acting credits, and has a movie that was made about his own life, the classic "Raging Bull." Jake's boxing record was 83 wins, 19 losses. and 4 draws, and they were all battles!

The reason Jake LaMotta is on this list is because he's Jake LaMotta, and that's just good enough!


KD said...

"...kind of like Joe Biden, seems nice, but creepy!"

Um, okay. Well, I'm over and out of here.

Grant said...

I feel that way about any given president.

Along with all those movies, Anthony Eisley also narrated a UFO documentary called "UFO Syndrome." People who consider all paranormal documentaries campy would consider that fitting for an actor who was in things like Dracula vs. Frankenstein. I don't happen to think of them that way, but even I thought that was kind of nice.

EEGAH!! said...

What I said about creepy was meant to be about perception, not politics. I just needed a recognizable name.

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