Monday, April 1, 2019

THE THREE STOOGES / Mummy's Dummies - 1948

It seems that The Three Stooges are the perfect 'go to' guys for an April Fool's post, so, on with the show! I pity the Fool that don't like the Stooges!!

Our tale begins in ancient Egypt, as you can tell from this still...

Here are the boy working away at their job, restoring chariots to sell. Of course, there are lots of silly things going on, Shemp and Larry get slapped a lot as a result of their super shoddy workmanship! What's funny here is they're using car wheels on the chariot.

So, a buyer comes in and buys the chariot, after he leaves the lot, the damn thing completely falls apart when he steps onto it...

Wouldn't you know it, the boys sold the chariot to the head of the palace guards and now they have to go see King Rootentooten (to be executed), played by the wonderful Vernon Dent! He's having a bad day, his tax money was light for some reason, and, he has a bad toothache!

The boys have a plan, they will pull the king's tooth and avoid their demise... So, Shemp is elected to pull the tooth, first, he accidentally pulls Moe's tooth, then, he gets a hold of the king's nose. What's really funny is, Shemp wears glasses, but, has to take them off before he can actually see clearly!!

Shemp finally gets the king's tooth pulled and the boys become royal chamberlains!!

The boys are wandering around the palace when they overhear the head guard tell his pal that he has hidden the missing tax money in the chest there. Moe and Larry nearly get stuck after they hide in the chest.

Meanwhile, Shemp dresses up like a mummy. When a guard opens up the coffin, he comments on what an ugly old cuss the mummy is!

Moe gets conked after he opens the coffin. Of course, Shemp thought Moe was a guard.

Larry and Moe decide to get the chest to the king, so, they use a periscope to transverse the chest through the hallways. When one guard opens the lid, Moe punches him right in the nose!

Everything gets extra crazy when Shemp gets unwrapped in front of the king.

Then, Moe and Larry bring in the knocked out guards in the chest, saving the day and solving the mystery of the missing tax money.

King Rootentooten offers his daughter's hand in marriage, so, the boys fight over the right. Shemp wins the contest and is ready to take a look at his new bride-to-be...

The boys are horrified when they get a good look at her face!!.. So, that's that, tune in Wednesday when we return for another round of weirdness, here, at The Dungeon!

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